Fabricated Parts

Industrial Wire Cloth – A Key Player!

Newark Wire Cloth can help solve your need for fabricated wire cloth parts, filters, and strainers. Fabricated Wire Cloth Parts “are” us – we make fabricated wire cloth parts – this is our specialty!

Whether your parts have a machined detail, a stamped ring, a cast housing or sheet metal binder – whether they require custom wire mesh, perforated metal, sintered wire cloth or expanded metal, we can help. An industrial wire cloth fabrication specialist – the Newark Wire Cloth Company, can more efficiently produce most wire cloth assemblies. We’re staffed with manpower and equipment to do the work. Many of our employees have over 20 years experience making fabricated and custom wire cloth parts.

Our “in house” capabilities are extensive – slitting, shearing, stamping, cutting. Please refer to the enclosed “Capabilities Listing” for greater detail.


Custom Fabricated Parts

Typical Construction Details

Lap Seam
Butt Seam
Perforated Metal Back-up
Tinner’s Lap
“U” Binder
Gasketing, Rubber & Synthetic
Multi-Layer Construction, Sintered or Welded
Envelope Fold
Truncated Cone
Formed or Drawn Parts
Machined or Stamped Details

Quality – Newark Wire Cloth works to ISO standards – Newark’s manufacturing operation is compliant with the QS 9000 platform. We have selected this quality standard from the many quality systems used today. It is a management system that mandates continuous improvement. Our manufacturing facility is QS 9000 compliant, and for those demanding more, we’ve been able to customize our manufacturing process and add to our normal inspection criteria to better serve our customer’s needs.

Quoting your fabricated part requirement?

Try and provide us with as much information as possible when submitting an inquiry for our industrial fabricated wire parts. A drawing is best. A complete description helps. Working together, we will generate a meaningful quotation.

Here’s what we need from you:

  • Materials of Construction
  • Rough Dimensional Sketch…or engineering drawing of the part or assembly
  • Construction Details…types of seams, type of welding, support layers, etc.
  • Specific quality requirements
  • Mesh Specification…mesh count, wire diameter, and opening size (or if this is not available) the particle size to be retained.
  • Quantity

We’re here to help! A chemical analysis, a drawing revision change, to answer a quality survey, or a walk through audit – our quality assurance staff is ready, willing, and able to assist.