Newark Wire Cloth Company

Quality Counts

Craftsmanship Makes A Difference

StrainerIt’s the little things, and paying attention to the details, that makes the difference –

  • Wire cloth is not sheet metal! It is not solid. It is made of individual wires running in different directions with spaces between them. Wire Cloth behaves like cloth – it moves, wrinkles, and stretches – it’s not rigid.
  • Different applications require different approaches – in some a tack welded seam will work while others require a continuous weld.
  • When using a two ply construction, is the coarse mesh seam smooth and burr free? If not, it could cause the fine mesh to fail prematurely.
  • Do the seams line up?
  • Are the seams straight?
  • Is the wire cloth taut or is it loose and wrinkled?
  • Is the construction adequately supported?

Since 1911 we’ve been in the wire cloth business, let us put our experience to work for you!