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Wedge Wire Products

Wedge Wire Products

Newark Wire Cloth manufactures “SaniWedge” Wedge Wire on our precise CNC controlled equipment. Slot sizes are obtainable to .002” and up. Wedge Wire Products is available as Standard, Rerolled, Inverted Wrap as well as Flattened Panels.

Our Vessel Internals, Laterals, Underdrains and Filter Nozzles are all commonplace in the Ion Exchange, Activated Carbon and Sand Filtration processes. Resin Trap and Basket Strainers are engineered to suit process requirements

We manufacture in high-quality  Stainless Steel 316L as a standard as well as most of the available types of alloys including Hastelloy and AL6XN.

Wedge Wire-1
Wedge wire-7

Standard Wedge Wire Cylinders for out to in flow. Large openings shown to illustrate construction. Available in slot sizes from .002” with or without end bands.

Wedge Wire-5
Wedge Wire-6

Wedge Wire Filter Elements are designed with various end fittings to accommodate process requirements.

Newark Wire Cloth Wedge Wire production

Wedge Wire-2
Wedge Wire Products

Rerolled Wedge Wire Screen for in to out flow. Can be designed to accommodate scraper style filtration processes.

Resin Trap Strainers

Wedge Wire-16
Wedge Wiire-19

Resin Trap Strainers are manufactured to exacting tolerances and can be designed to fit new as well as other various existing vessels. Strainers are designed for high pressure, high flow applications. Newark engineers are available to offer you assistance in the design of new and replacement strainers.

Vessel Internals

Wedge Wire-20
  • Hub Laterals
  • Header Laterals
  • Filter Nozzles
  • Flat Beds
  • Collectors
  • Distributors

Hub and Header Lateral Systems are manufactured to provide uniform distribution and collection within the media bed insuring maximum utilization of the media. Lateral and Nozzle spacing is critical to assure flow equalization

Wedge Wire-17
Wedge Wire-12
Wedge Wire-11

Wedge Wire Laterals over drilled pipe for Ion Exchange, Sand Filtration and Activated Carbon media vessels. Drill patterns designed to maximize bed utilization. Lateral end connections can be threaded, plain end or flanged.

Filter Nozzles

Wedge Wire-8
Wedge Wire-9
Wedge Wire-15

Filter Nozzles are designed for various process designs and connections. Shown are false bottom air scour and standard threaded styles. “T” bolt, clamped and flanged nozzle connections as well as special arrangements can all be accommodated

Wedge Wire-10
Wedge Wire-14

Custom Header Lateral System with clamped connections.

Please visit Saniclean Wedge Wire Elements for more information.