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Fabricated Strainers

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Newark Wire Cloth has been Designing and Fabricating Strainers of various configurations for over a century. Our Engineers have designed Strainers and Components for many industries, including Aerospace, Antibiotics and Zinc processing.

We welcome the opportunity of assisting with your project.

Conical Strainers

Conical Strainer are designed to suit process requirements and are fabricated of Wire Mesh, Perforated and Wedge Wire in a variety of Flange and Connection types.

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Newark Wire Cloth Conical Strainers are available with retentions to 10 Microns in all the common Stainless Steel and most Nickel and exotic alloys.

Conical Strainer

Standard Temporary Conical Line Strainers are available in Perforated or Mesh or Wedge Wire or in combination to support plant startup. Units designed to fit 150 and 300 lb. flanges and are available with or without bolt holes to suit customer configuration.

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Temporary Conical Line Strainers

Available in 304 SS, 316 SS, and other alloys.

 Pipe spool sections available.

Conical Style A


Conical Style B

Wire Cloth

Conical Style C

Wire Cloth Inside

Perforated Outside

Conical Style D

Wire Cloth Outside
 Perforated Inside

*Perforated standard is 1/8” on 3/16” staggered centers. Other patterns also available.

Conical Line Strainers

Flat Plate Strainers

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Flat Plate Strainer - Style WP
Flat Plate Strainers

Flat Plate Line Strainers are available in Perforated, Mesh or Wedge Wire or in combination as process dictates. Units designed to fit 150 and 300 lb. flanges and are available with or without bolt holes to suit customer configuration.

*Perforated standard is 1/8” on 3/16” staggered centers

Other patterns also available.

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Wire Mesh

Newark Wire Cloth fabricates a multitude of Screens and Strainers for the Aerospace Industry.

We are proud that some of our products are presently operating on the International Space Station.

Customer Basket
Customer Sieves
Customer Filter

Various configurations and methods of construction and fabrication are available to suit customer needs.

These fabricating capabilities combined with our engineering can produce quality products to satisfy the most demanding requirements.

Pleated Vent Screen
Custom Strainer

Newark Wire Engineers can assist in the design of Specialty Filtration Basket Strainers for various process requirements

Basket Strainers - Duplex Strainers

  • Individually designed to meet process requirements.
  • Standard as S/S 316L. Also available in all common and most exotic alloys.
  • Basket strainers available in Perforated, Wire Cloth and Wedge Wire.
  • No interruption of the process during basket maintenance
  • Baskets can be designed for full line pressure.
  • Easy installation and basket maintenance.
  • Retention from 5 microns.
  • Can be fully automated.
  • Economical.
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Technical Information (Strainers)

Wire Cloth Micron Retention

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Wire Cloth Micron Retention

Wire Cloth Flow Rates

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Wire Cloth Flow Rates

Please use these charts as reference for micron retention and flow rates through wire cloth and strainers.