Newark Wire Cloth Company

A Recognized Source in The Filtration Industry

Stainless Steel Wire Cloth Manufacturer

Established in 1911, Newark Wire Cloth is a recognized leader in the wire cloth industry.

Customers and competitors turn to Newark Wire Cloth for their wire cloth needs. We take great pride in providing the highest quality wire cloth product, in many different forms, to many different markets including aerospace, pharmaceutical, food, chemical, automotive, medical, environmental, and many others

We are uniquely positioned to offer industry a broad selection of reliable, high-quality wire cloth products and services. Whether you need roll goods, cut pieces, wire sieve, custom woven wire cloth or custom fabricated parts, we are here to serve you as your stainless steel wire mesh suppliers.

Latest News

5 Reasons Why Newark Wire Cloth Test Sieves Are a ‘Must Have’

When your business relies on precision and consistency for every production run, you need products that deliver uniformity for every cycle. It’s why companies looking for wire mesh test sieves and other wire cloth products turn to the Newark Wire Cloth Company. Understanding the exacting standards required by the American Society for Testing Materials (ASTM) […]

What are Test Sieves Used For in the Chemical Industry?

Chemical companies must be sure that their products are free of contaminants. This requires testing using a variety of methods. Testing, in turn, requires the careful preparation of samples. Only well-collected, properly-processed samples can yield accurate results. Test Sieves One of the most common ways to separate particulate matter from a sample is to put […]

Use the Right Strainers for Your Industrial Filtration Systems

Facility operators in a wide variety of industries are focused on industrial filtration. In food production, it removes contaminants and helps to control product thickness and texture. In power plants, it keeps contaminants from fouling systems and shortening their lifespans. At water treatment facilities, it does everything from removing large objects to helping with the […]

Understanding When To Use Monel or Nickel Wire Cloth

Most people choose stainless steel for wire cloth, but there are many other options. Two of the most popular of these are nickel alloy and monel. Here are some of the key differences between these two: Nickel Alloy Nickel wire cloth protects itself against corrosion by forming a passive oxide film. This helps it resist […]