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Filter Leaves

Filter Leaves

Newark Wire has been designing and fabricating Filter Leaves for over a century. Our engineers and production are well aware of the critical nature of the quality required and the precision of their construction.

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Typical “Sweetland” style Filter Leaf with center distributor drain tube.

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Vertical Filters with bottom drain outlet are one of the most common variations.

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“Heel” Filters designed to fit vessel curvature allowing for a more complete evacuation of the product.

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Filter Leaf styles have evolved over the years to perform specific product filtration processes. Food, Chemical, Beverage, Mining, Waste and Water Treatment commonly employ Filtering process filtration.

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One of the most critical components of a properly designed Filter Leaf is the drainage chamber. Uniform collection results in even cake buildup assuring maximum filter cycle and avoidance of “Bridging”. Our high flow Sani-Grid chamber is ideal for this purpose. High flow chamber screen is the backing structure of choice for both metallic and synthetic media.