Newark Wire Cloth Company

Engineered Filtration Products

Engineered Filtration Products

Newark Wire Cloth has been fabricating Engineered Filtration Products for over a century.

Industrial Fabrications, Aerospace Filter Components, High capacity Basket, Y, RS and Conical Strainers are all included in our product capability.

Filter Elements and Strainers are available as Perforated, Wire Mesh and Wedge Wire as well as various combinations of these media.

We manufacture in Stainless Steel 316L as a standard as well as most of the available alloys including Hastelloy and AL6XN.

Engineered Filtration Products-1

Conical Strainer including spool section and pressure taps designed for Liquid Oxygen propellant.

Engineeered Products-2

Strainer Basket replacement with corrugated screen and perforated support.

Engineered Filtering Products-4

Sanitary Strainer with quick opening attached cover.Designed for high viscoity provcesss fluid at 300 PSI.

Engineered Filtering Products-3

Granulator Screen with replaceable wire cloth insert

Engineered Filter Products-6

Sanitary Duplex Strainer with stand. Unit designed for high flow low pressure drop jiuce filtration.

Engineered Filtering products-5

Wire Cloth covered Resin Trap Strainer with influent deflector shield and spacers. Custom designed for high pressure differential with heavy duty support.

Engineered Filtering Products-8

Special Filter Element fabricated to accommodate flow in either direction. These units have a retention of .045” and designed to process high viscosity toothpaste.

Engineered Filtering Products-7

These Sanitary Strainers include  Wedge Wire Filter Elements and covers with magnetic rods