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Wire Cloth in the Water Treatment Industry

Water treatment plant

Wire cloth is integral to water treatment systems and the water treatment process, because it allows for particle testing and a range of filtration procedures. Water treatment plant operators can use perforated screens and SaniWedge wedge wire along with similar products, to improve water quality. These benefits and others make wire cloth a useful tool in water treatment operations.

Wire Cloth in the Water Treatment Industry

What is Wire Cloth?

Wire cloth resembles a metal mesh, and its specifications vary in terms of materials and design characteristics, allowing for wire cloth products in different applications. Quality standards also vary, ranging from market grade wire cloth to pieces consistent with ASTM E 11, ASTEM E 2016 or ASTM E 437 standards. Available wire cloth metals include 304 SS, titanium, silver, aluminum and nichrome, depending on customer requirements.

Wire cloth is made with different weaves including pre-crimp, lock crimp and multiple crimp configurations. Industrial wire cloth, woven wire mesh cloth and US standard sieve cloth are among the products used in the water treatment process. However, there are many other variations of this product that facilitate water treatment. Custom orders for wire cloth are handled by some manufacturers, which is ideal for customers that need niche products or that operate large facilities with specialty equipment.

Types of wire cloth include:

– Space Cloth

– Coarse Mesh Cloth

– Medium Mesh Cloth

– Filter Cloth

Applications in the Water Treatment Industry

What is water treatment? Water treatment is a process of water purification that improves water quality so that it can be used without contamination worries. It is generally done at a water treatment facility. Waste water treatment, and the need for high-quality water in manufacturing, is creating demand for filtration products and wire cloth. Treatment plants have high standards to meet, if they are going to remain consistent with industry best practices. For example, ASTM F2363 / F2363M – 17 sets standards for sewage and greywater flow through treatment systems, outlining specifications for testing flows along with the design and manufacture of systems. Wire cloth is often used for testing and filtration, making it an integral part of the water treatment plant process.

Screens and filters for clarifiers, separation equipment and settling tanks are among the applications of wire cloth. The functionality of treatment equipment is enhanced when screens and filters reliably separate water from debris, contaminants and other unwanted materials. The quality of the wire cloth directly impacts the efficiency of the water treatment process, making it important to work with suppliers such as Newark Wire Cloth Co., for reliable wire cloth products.

Water Purification

Applications in Industry

Industries that depend on clean water are widespread and include chemical, food and utilities operations. As a result, perforated screens, SaniWedge wedge wire and wire cloth are used throughout private industry to improve water quality. Newark vessel internals, nozzles, underdrains and laterals play important roles in filtration processes, allowing businesses to maximize the efficiency of their production facilities.

Summary of takeaways

-Waste water treatment systems need testing, and wire cloth facilitates particle analysis along with other examinations.

ASTM F2363 / F2363M – 17 sets standards for sewage and greywater flow through treatment systems, including requirements for testing water flows.

-Wire cloth products are used to test and filtrate water, enhancing the overall efficiency and effectiveness of the water treatment process.

-Water treatment processes are important to businesses and individuals, and wire cloth is an integral part of water supply treatment systems and best practices.

Industrial water treatment processes impact stakeholders in businesses and communities, making effective water treatment systems, testing and analysis critical. Newark Wire Cloth Co. produces high-quality wire cloth products that enhance the water treatment process. Improve water quality today using Newark wire cloth and products that support treatment of water and disinfection.