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What is Petrochemical Engineering & Why is Wire Cloth Necessary?

Petrochemical Engineering

Petrochemical engineering makes the world go round but what is petrochemical engineering exactly? This exciting and extremely important field is a branch of Chemical Engineering. To engage in the field in a managerial position, one must typically have a Bachelors degree in Engineering, with a specialty in Petrochemical Engineering. Others who work under a project or company manager may or may not be required to have such a degree, depending on the nature of their job.

The petrochemical engineering industry is one that takes crude oil and/or petroleum out of the ground and refines it into usable products. Wire mesh cloth is used in many areas of the petrochemical engineering industry, usually in the process of purifying crude products to refine them. Wire cloth removes impurities from the crude product during oil and petroleum refining, which is essential to it being used in the human world at all.

Wire Cloth and Petrochemical Engineering

When crude oil and raw petroleum come out of the ground, the are full of impurities, such as sand, gravel, tiny creatures of the earth, other liquids like water, and miscellaneous organic matter such as moss, leaves, and wood. Many of these impurities are quite small in size and are thoroughly mixed in with the raw product.

The raw product cannot be refined and turned into other products while it is still thus contaminated. Wire cloth of varying fineness is used to remove all impurities from the raw product at various points along the refinement process, so by the time it is ready to be turned into a usable product, it is free of particles and pure, suitable for any petrochemical engineering industry use.

The petrochemical engineering industry simply cannot get by without the use of wire cloth. It is an essential part of the production process. Any petrochemical product you use has raw material that has been through a wire cloth.

What are Some Petrochemical Products?

A complete petrochemical products list would be a lengthy one. However, some of the more common petrochemical uses by regular members of society and not just industrial specialists includes:

  • Motor oil
  • Gasoline
  • Natural gas
  • Plastics of all types
  • Petroleum jelly

Petrochemical Engineering

The Importance of Good Petrochemical Engineering Cloth

These products are all important to the smooth functioning of modern human society. Even computer parts are made from petrochemicals. Without them, we wouldn’t have laptops, tablets, wi-fi, cell phones, or the Internet.

Because these products are so crucial to the way our society operates in these times, it is of utmost importance that they are made correctly. This means having the highest quality wire cloth available on every job site in the petrochemical industry.

If the wire mesh is not fine enough or strong enough to accomplish the filtration techniques required, it will not get out all of the impurities, or it might break, causing additional expenses to the project in buying new, upgraded wire cloth. It is also important to use the right grade of cloth.

The size of particles that can be found in the raw product varies considerably, and there may be particles of more than one size in a single batch. Knowing what a job’s sizing needs will be regarding the spaces in the wire cloth at every point in the refining process is crucial to a top quality end product.


  • Petrochemical engineering takes raw petroleum or crude oil and turns it into marketable products.
  • Raw petrochemicals have particles from the earth in them.
  • Those particles are of various sizes.
  • Petrochemical filtering is necessary to get a pure product.
  • Any industry that uses petrochemicals needs good quality wire mesh cloth for an effective filtration process.
  • The wire mesh cloth is used to filter the raw product.
  • Different grades of wire cloth may be needed to accommodate removal of different particle sizes.
  • Wire cloth is used at many different points during refining.

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