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This is Why We Teamed Up With Another Filtration Manufacturer

Livic Filtration

Newark Wire is an industry leader in wire cloth production and high-end related products. The company continuously looks for new ways to add value through innovation and partnerships with other industry experts. To this end, Newark has partnered with LIVIC to produce complete filtration packages, leveraging the time-tested strengths of both companies. The synergies between these two well-known manufacturers is equating to better quality results for customers.

Housings and Strainer Internals

Complete filtration packages consist of housings and internal strainers, including wire cloth, filter cartridges, filter bags and wedge wire. Newark supplies the wire cloth, wedge wire and quality assurance documentation, to enhance the functionality and durability of LIVIC by Newark filtration equipment. These filtration units can be used for a wide variety of applications, including water purification and other water treatment functions. Using LIVIC’s filtration technology, the completed unit is supplied by Newark to a variety of customers in the global economy. If customers need replacement parts or tips for maintenance, Newark reps have the resources and knowhow to support clients in their filtration processes. Filtration

LIVIC by Newark’s Core Competencies

Filter bags, cartridges and filtration system design are among the core competencies that LIVIC by Newark brings to the table. These filters vary in terms of applications, but many are able to filter oils, chemicals, Polymers, and water. The chemical, food, paper and auto industries all leverage these filters to enhance product quality and reduce operational costs. LIVIC by Newark filters are cost-effective and designed to reduce maintenance to a minimum, which is beneficial for multiple stakeholders along the value chain. Many of LIVIC by Newark’s filtration technologies are self-cleaning and are designed to meet the challenges of specialized industrial production. In particular, BF Series Bag Filtration Systems are among the most popular. Newark representatives can help clients pick the best system to meet their needs, given their specific production requirements. In general, BF series filters are economical and can handle high flow rates, which are distinct advantages for high-volume producers.

Newark Wire provides the following products via its strategic Livic partnership:

  • BF Series – Bag Filtration Systems
  • SF Series – Basket Filtration Systems
  • CF Series – Cartridge Filtration Systems

Wire Cloth Mesh

Focus on Quality

Efficiencies in the design, manufacture and shipment of filtration units add more value to customers’ operations and benefit stakeholders in the production process. This results in faster production cycle times, economies of scale and the development of core competencies. Livic by Newark filtration system products follows the guidelines set forth by quality management standards, resulting in a streamlined value chain that customers can count on to deliver quality products.

Summary of takeaways:

  • Newark Wire Cloth and LIVIC have formed a strategic partnership to supply LIVIC by Newark filtration packages that are superior in quality and that pass cost-savings to clients.
  • Filtration packages consist of housings and strainer internals.
  • Newark and LIVIC enhance the quality of products for clients, while providing benefits to everyone in the value chain.

Wire mesh cloth and filtration are key components in production facilities that produce fluids, solutions or beverages. Newark Wire works closely with filtration manufacturers to pass value, cost-savings and high-quality products on to customers. To learn more about filtration products and the benefits of working with an industry leader, contact Newark Wire today.