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This is why Newark Wire Cloth is Nadcap Certified

Nadcap certification

If you’re using strainers in your manufacturing business, you should insist on Nadcap certification. Not all products are made to the demanding, precise standards that Nadcap certification requires. 

It’s that commitment to quality that makes the Newark Wire Cloth the top choice for sieve screens suppliers for so many manufacturers.

What Is Nadcap Certification?

Since 1990, the National Aerospace and Defense Contractors Accreditation Program (Nadcap) has provided certification of exacting standards in the production and operation of materials among suppliers worldwide. The Nadcap program covers 19 areas of manufacturing excellence, including coatings, electronics, measurement and inspection, sealants and welding. 

3D Certified

It’s administered by the Performance Review Institute and is focused on the aerospace industry. Nadcap members have developed audit guidelines for both processes and products integral to aeronautics and other industries looking for reliable performance and rigorous construction. 

How Are Products and Processes Certified?

Manufacturing companies seeking Nadcap certification must pass an audit conducted by a PRI-appointed auditor. Once the audit is completed, a report detailing any issues of non-conformance is created. While some non-conformance issues are relatively minor, they may include major issues, such as the lack of process control or quality management process, or issues that have the potential to affect product quality.

It’s then up to the applicant in each non-compliance instance to take corrective action immediately, identify the root cause, detail the corrective actions taken and provide evidence of the correction. 

A task group reviews the audit results and non-conformance issues before issuing a ruling.

What Are Some Examples of Nadcap Non-Compliance Issues?

In order to meet Nadcap guidelines or welding, as Newark has, requires strict adherence to the guidelines presented. Here are several most common issues with welding compliance. It’s a great example of the care and precision at the core of Nadcap certification.

  • Compliance to Weld Schedule. Auditors expect to see an approved weld schedule for each part and will compare it to what is actually used to make the part
  • Procedure Documentation. Auditors will issue a non-compliance order if a documented procedure is missing, inadequate or out of compliance
  • Lack of Qualifications. Welders need to be qualified for their work based on standards that specify the testing mandates and types of welds that can be done

What Does It Mean To Be Nadcap Certified?

A company that receives Nadcap certification demonstrates its commitment to continual improvement in its own manufacturing and throughout the supply chain. In fact, in 2017, 89 percent of companies with Nadcap accreditation report quality improvements in areas covered by the certification.

The auditing exercise requires companies to take a closer look at their processes and create tighter controls to ensure quality throughout the construction process. 

At Newark Wire Cloth, we take the quality of our products very seriously. Our customers expect consistent performance for our stainless meshworks and other products. Our strainers are used worldwide in the food, chemical, pharmaceutical and treatment industries. By adhering to rigorous guidelines such as those required for Nadcap certification, we provide our customers with consistent performance. Whether it’s medications, juices, cosmetics or household products, our customers and their customers expect consistent, accurate and uniform outcomes.

Business people

Our engineers and production professionals design and create products that meet exacting industry standards in addition to Nadcap.

Here’s a recap of the importance of Nadcap certification:

  • — Certification covers 19 areas of manufacturing products and processes for the aeronautics industry
  • — Independent auditors use industry-defined standards to assess suppliers
  • — Auditors assess each area and identify non-compliance issues, which the supplier must address and document
  • — Compliance demonstrates a commitment to quality and consistency

Newark Wire Cloth provides reliable, consistent and easy-to-use products for straining functions. To learn more about how Newark Wire Cloth can address your manufacturing needs, contact us today for a free consultation.