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Newark Wire Cloth to Exhibit at WEFTEC 2016 September 24-28, New Orleans, Booth 8421

Exhibit at WEFTEC 2016 September 24-28, New Orleans, Booth 8421

Newark Wire Cloth of Clifton, New Jersey, will exhibit at WEFTEC 2016, September 24 – 28, at the New Orleans Morial Convention Center, Booth 8421.

Established in 1911 – 105 years ago – and a leader in the wire cloth industry, engineered filtration products of the company include vessel internals, filter leaves, and strainers. Components are all manufactured to a client’s unique specifications, and are used worldwide in water treatment, environmental, aerospace, pharmaceutical, food, chemical, automotive, and medical industries. Newark’s business, engineering, and manufacturing experience, combined with ISO 9001:2008 quality management system and material and process control, assures clients of a trusted partnership.

Within the water and process industries product line, Newark offers engineered vessel internal for ion exchange, activated carbon and sand filtration systems. Products include hub and header lateral systems, filter nozzles, flat beds, collectors, distributors, and “SaniWedge” wedge wire or screen-wrapped lateral systems. The company also rebuilds and rescreens existing laterals.

Filter Leaf filters, one of the oldest forms of filtration processes, are used in every process field. Newark Wire Cloth is a leader in this field, employing various methods of construction, shape, and style. “SaniLeaf” is an award-winning, superior construction consisting of precision woven filter cloth, “SaniGrid” high flow chamber and accurately machined outlets. This results in a more uniform cake buildup and pressure distribution, increasing filtration cycles and reducing downtime.

The company’s product line of SaniClean Strainers is engineered to suit each client’s process requirements and is manufactured in single and duplex configurations. Newark offers perforated, wire mesh, synthetic and “SaniWedge” wedge wire filter elements. Engineered strainer products are manufactured in a multitude of shapes, sizes and alloys.

Newark Wire Cloth operates an environmentally sound facility with a focus on the use of recyclable materials, elimination of waste, and the efficient use of all resources. Service is always professional, timely, and helpful, whether the need is for roll goods, cut pieces, custom woven wire cloth or custom fabricated parts. Prices are competitive.

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WEFTEC conference participants are encouraged to stop by Booth 8421 to learn more about the company’s products, water quality solutions and latest innovations. To find the exact location of Booth 8421, use the 2016 WEFTEC Mobile App, available in the WEF Events App.

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