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Newark Wire News

New Screen Wrapped Laterals & Underdrains from Newark Wire Cloth

Newark Wire Cloth Company has introduced lateral systems used for effective distribution and/or underdrain collection service. These new units offer a versatile line of screen-wrapped lateral piping, custom-designed to optimize operation of new and existing vessels.

Among the available options are hub or header/lateral systems; headers with side or center outlet; single or multi-hub arrangements; laterals with screwed (as shown), welded or flanged connections. While 24 x 110 dutch weave is considered most versatile, the laterals may be wrapped in any type and size filter cloth. Materials of construction include high alloy “C”, types 20, 304 and 316 stainless steel, and other materials as desired.

Newark Wire Cloth’s engineering group can custom-design a lateral system to suite customer conditions of service, or reproduce any existing pattern. Among industries already using these experience-proved systems include, municipal service, food processing, original equipment manufacturers. Applications include dewatering and cleaning, ion-exchange processes, sludge handling, activated carbon processes.