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How Wire Cloth is Used in Labs

How Wire Cloth is Used in Labs

What do sandpaper, sugar, and automotive paint have in common? They are all manufactured with the help of wire mesh. Products that are made from fine granule ingredients often have particle size specifications that can affect the safety or quality of the final outcome. Test sieves with wire cloth are often used in a laboratory to oversee quality control. The recommended mesh sizing and material used for the metal mesh largely depends on the type of industry it will be used in. Another common use for wire mesh in labs is to assist in heating up glass beakers without shattering from heat shock. Let’s take a closer look at wire mesh applications.

Food and Pharmaceutical Applications

Sifting key ingredients with test sieves in food production is crucial to meet certain industry and company quality standards. This can be applied to powdered drinks, nutritional supplements, convenience food meal packages, and much more. Pharmaceutical test sieves are also important to ensure that the dosage of the medicine is the same in each batch. Medical purity is also examined with test sieves as needed with each shipment. Be sure that the metal material in the wire is food grade such as stainless steel and brass.

Particle sizing is a large factor to consider when selecting new wire for sieving and depends on the specific function. How smooth or coarse in texture does the product need to be? If you’re not sure, check with a reputable wire manufacturer such as Newark Wire to get the right material for the desired function in your assembly line.

Food and Pharmaceutical Applications

Many Other Industry Uses

Wire cloth and test sieves are valuable tools that span far beyond the “edible” industries. They help filter and refine sourced raw ingredients for health and beauty products in much the same way as food. Other products such as automotive paint and sandpaper may also call for sieved fine granule ingredients for more uniform particle size and better consistency. This is particularly helpful with paints and other chemically based liquids that may depend on this consistency for the formula’s optimal consumer performance.

Other times, wire mesh plays a crucial role in safety for certain occupations. Wire mesh can be crafted to create radiation resistant barriers, for example, that block frequency from cell phones, microwaves, and wifi devices. This is useful in medical rooms, military centers, and personal consumer areas where radio-frequency may be bothersome for some individuals. Wire mesh is also used as roofing support in the coal mining industry to reduce the risk of injury from tunnel roof failures. And of course, the humble metal mesh has traditionally been a dependable material for fences in many other industries.

Not Cut From the Same Cloth

As one can see, the possibilities are next to endless for industrial wire cloth applications in the laboratory and beyond. Some purposes of wire cloth include:

  • Quality control for consumable products in the food, beverage, and pharmaceutical industries.
  • Safety and ingredient dependability in non-food industries such as beauty and home improvement.
  • Structural support assistance in mining and radiation safety in the military and medical industries.
  • Particle-hole sizing and the type of metal material largely govern the precise role of wire cloth products.

If you’re in search of new wire mesh products and are not sure where to start, feel free to give us a call at Newark Wire. With more than a century of experience in the business, our knowledgeable staff will help guide you to the right wire cloth for your specifications. We look forward to assisting you!