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How Wedge Wire is Being Used in the Brewing Industry

Wedge wire screen

Filtration devices and wedge wire are essential for product testing and manufacturing in the brewing industry, which is why the Newark Wire Cloth company is respected among beverage producers. Newark creates high quality wire cloth products that are sanitary, versatile and that meet industry quality assurance standards. Without wedge wire, filtration devices and strainers wouldn’t function with optimal efficiency, impacting brewers and their customers around the world.

What is Wedge Wire?

Wedge wire aids in filtration and allows for the optimal flow of fluids through brewing vessels. Newark supplies SaniWedge wedge wire for use in activated carbon systems, ion exchange vessels and specialty filtration units. The materials used in wedge wire can be customized to meet customer specifications. Steel is a common material, but others such as brass are also available. Newark wedge wire is often installed in brand name filtration units, because it is reliable and delivers world-class results.

Wedge wire sieve filters

How is Wedge Wire Made?

The creation of SaniWedge wedge wire takes place primarily in Newark production facilities under the control of specialists and engineers, with a vested interest in product quality. Manufacturing wedge wire is a process governed by industry quality assurance standards, such as the ISO 9000 family of quality management standards. Whether it is a wedge wire screen, wedge wire sieve filters or wedge wire mesh, Newark uses its time-tested manufacturing processes to create reliable wire cloth.

A common machine used in the manufacturing process includes gang slitter with in-line roller leveling and shearing capabilities. Parameters that are controlled during production include wire diameter, width of openings, open area and wire mesh count, among others. The amount of customization and features available allows manufacturers in the brewing industry to customize their operations, resulting in testing and filtration processes that keep breweries efficient.

Ideal Uses for Wedge Wire

Wedge wire makes the brewing industry more efficient and profitable through reliable functionality, once a filtration unit or vessel is placed in production. Low maintenance, easy replacement and effective wedge wire strength enhance product quality, while minimizing defects, waste and product returns. According to the U.S. Department of Treasury, over 180,000,000 barrels of beer were produced in the United States, in 2017. This emphasizes the need for the for high-quality filtration and testing of beverages during production.

As Wedge wire screen manufacturers, we must put a focus on sanitary construction and design. Wedge wire is ideal for screening and testing beverages or for identifying contaminants in solutions. These applications are among the ideal uses for Newark wire cloth related products. Customers can work with Newark personnel to optimize their wire cloth usage and increase the efficiency and effectiveness of their operations.

Wedge wire sieve

Summary of takeaways:

  • SaniWedge wedge wire is manufactured by Newark Wire Cloth and is designed for use in filtration products. It is part of the wire cloth related product line the company is renowned for.
  • Wedge wire is used in activated carbon systems, sand filters, ion exchange vessels and specialty filtration units.
  • Wedge wire and wire cloth are manufactured using Newark’s time-tested processes, and the production process is controlled using ISO quality management standards.
  • Filtration and product testing are among the ideal uses for wedge wire, but clients can also use it to test beverages and identify attributes that impact product quality and the rest of the production process.

The brewing industry is a global business, making competition and product quality essential for manufacturers’ survival. Wedge wire allows for better testing, control and maintenance of products, on the production floor. For additional information on wedge wire and related products, please contact Newark Wire Cloth today.