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Guide to Mesh Baskets

Guide to Mesh Baskets

Wire mesh baskets are one of the most in-demand industrial products in the market today because of their versatility in construction. They are used in every industry from food and beverage to pharmaceuticals. Mesh baskets are even used as key components in space shuttles! Let’s take a closer look at everything that goes into wire mesh basket production. 


There are a few different types of industrial baskets with multiple applications. At Newark Wire, we create baskets from general-purpose baskets to ultrasonic cleaning baskets. Mesh baskets can also be created in any shape the industry requires, from round to square and rectangular. Many mesh baskets can be made with rigid or stretched handles that swing back and forth with a counterbalance on one of the sides, allowing a centrifuge to be put on. 

Coarse and Fine Mesh 

Wire Mesh Baskets at Newark Wire are typically made of coarse and fine mesh. This provides the best straining possible. Depending on how fine the mesh is, it may not have any shape or form. Thus, it has to be supported by a coarser mesh. Before deciding the combination of coarse and fine mesh, the weight that the basket must support must be calculated first. 

Some operations may require a rod framework. This framework involves cross supports on the bottom and vertical supports on the sides. These supports are welded during construction. Depending on how heavy or light the wire mesh is and what metal it is made of, this will determine if the supports are arc welding or resistant. 

Wire Mesh Baskets at Newark Wire


Typically, stainless steel is the most common metal used to make mesh baskets and their wire crosses. However, metals like Nickel are the best choice for baskets that will undergo intense heat, as it can sustain around 2,700 degrees Fahrenheit. 

Aside from the typical stainless steel and nickel, Newark Wire also works with exotic alloys. Exotic alloys are materials with a high alloy content, also known as superalloys. The benefits of working with exotic alloys are that they offer enhanced performance properties, like strength and durability. They can also be resistant to oxidation, corrosion, and changing at high temperatures or extreme pressure. Nickel-cobalt alloys are best suited for marine and subsea applications because of its resistance to hydrogen sulfide and saltwater. 

Unique Mesh Baskets

We know that every application has its own unique needs. For example, sometimes customers want baskets that are stackable as multiple mesh baskets can take up a lot of their usable space. We start out with a template for each customer. From there, we can make the basket more square or soften the model as needed. Whether a client has a clear cut idea of the mesh basket they need or are starting from scratch, Newark Wire is here to help every step of the way.  


— Wire mesh baskets can be made in any shape and size configuration

— For the best filtration, a combination of coarse and fine mesh is used

— They are typically made of stainless steel or nickel 

— Each mesh basket order is customizable 

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