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Newark Wire Cloth Fabricates Specialty Baskets for Filtration of HVAC Chiller and Refrigeration Equipment


Newark Wire Cloth, has fabricated a special series of stainless steel baskets for the Port Authority of New York/New Jersey. These stainless steel baskets are housed inside the Authority’s HVAC water filtration treatment area.

The baskets are used to strain water drawn from the Newark Bay. This salt/brackish water is used in chillers to dissipate heat generated in the refrigeration and heating processes at Newark International Airport. The system operates at a pressure of 25 psi and handles a maximum flow rate of 20,000 gpm. The material of construction is 316 Stainless Steel and withstands the corrosive environment of the salt water.

Four baskets are located in the large treatment vessel, which is 4′ in diameter, and 6′ deep. Two large baskets are 16″ in diameter, 48″ high at the top of the flange. Two smaller baskets are 16″ diameter, 33″ high at the top of the flange. All of the baskets are 16 gauge, 3/16″ diameter hole, perforated with flat bar structural support. The entire unit is heliarc welded.

The baskets are easily removed for cleaning by the Port Authority maintenance staff. A “swing away” lid is hoisted off the top of the water vessel. Then an overhead wench lifts the baskets and dumps the debris. After cleaning the baskets are returned to service.