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Five Everyday Items that Require Industrial Strainers

Five Everyday Items that Require Industrial Strainers

Filters, strainers, sieves, and other types of purification or cleaning devices are employed every day, and more often than most people know. These valuable and necessary tools help to deliver many of the everyday items we need and use. Some of these items we might never have even guessed need strained.

While there are different types of strainers, from industrial strainers to the household variety, they all play a role in the quality and happiness of our daily lives. Here are five everyday items you may not have known were strained.

1. Foods


At first, this doesn’t seem like a surprise to anyone. We all grew up watching our grandparents, parents, or perhaps even we were given the task ourselves as youths, to rinse and strain those potatoes, carrots, pasta, or whatever our families ate for dinner.

What might be more surprising, however, is to discover how many foods require some type of filtering and straining process. Did you know that foods like chocolate, butter, wine, and cheese are among the many foods that require industrial food strainers?

2. Paper

This one might be a bit more surprising to those who aren’t in the know regarding the paper manufacturing process. Paper, during the pulping stages of manufacturing, goes through substantial straining steps to remove water. Did you know that the quality of the paper is linked directly to how well it was dewatered?

3. Water


While most are aware that water generally goes through some type of purification process (even water pumped from a well typically has a rudimentary system), we might not realize that filtering is a big part of that purification system. There are different types of strainers and filters, from industrial basket strainers, conical strainers and y strainers, to those industrial strainers that might be found at the city water treatment plant too.

4. Fuel

Once again, this isn’t necessarily a surprise at the onset as the vast majority of people are aware on some level that fuel gets filtered. Many of us have heard of or have had to replace a fuel filter in our vehicles. Don’t be mistaken, however, because that fuel filter is only another straining system for fuel. Did you know that before that fuel ever gets to the pumps, refineries and production plants use high levels of intense heat during a rigorous straining process in the making of fuel?

5. Medicine


The pharmaceutical-grade medications so many people get every day must pass rigorous standards. From concerns such as ensuring injectibles are free of particulates, and other health and FDA standards, tools like test sieves are necessary. Straining plays a role in all of our lives, from the doctor’s office to our kitchen sinks.

Key Takeaways:

Filters are everywhere, and they play an important role in the everyday items we use, and in our lives. Some of the ways strainers and filters benefit people and businesses include:

  • They act as an invaluable component to making safe and effective medicines
  • They improve the safety of drinking water
  • Filter strainers aid in the production of fuel products
  • Many food products are made or improved via the help of a straining process
  • Everyday products like paper are created using straining techniques

Industrial Strainer Manufacturers

Filters and strainers are rarely thought of but always needed. They serve many roles and help in many ways. From keeping water and food safer to improving manufacturing or production operations, filters are unsung and unseen heroes of the everyday world.

If you are looking for top of the line filtration, from industrial strainers to basket strainers or any other type of wire cloth product, contact the experienced and professional team at the Newark Wire Cloth. Filter out what you don’t need, and get exactly what you do, and contact us today.