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Newark Wire and Pulp Paper

Pulp paper manufacturing companies need reliable, sturdy tools to drive efficiency and productivity throughout the manufacturing process.

With wire cloth mesh screens, test sieves and basket strainers that assist in how paper is made and tested, your company can deliver higher-quality products and more repeat business.

Wire mesh screens are at the heart of the paper making process. As wood is processed, wire cloth screens and basket strainers play an important role in the dewatering process. Once processed, test sieves for pulp paper are an essential component of the quality control and assessment procedures.

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With a wide range of wire cloth for pulp paper available, your company can gain considerable advantages, including:

  • Improved consistency. The more consistent the pulp is, the better quality paper is generated.
  • Fewer imperfections. Customers expect the same quality paper products in every roll, ream and delivery. Better processing results in fewer imperfections and a better and more consistent product with every order.
  • Improved drainage. Your wire cloth mesh and basket strainers need to deliver the right level of water drainage in order to create the quality products you expect.
  • Better environmental outcomes and revenue possibilities. Strainers and other technologies help paper companies generate better byproducts that reduce the environmental impact of production. Among the environmental benefits are:
    • Bioproducts extracted from pulp, including starch, activated carbon, oils and resins, cellulose fibers and industrial ethanol open up new markets for new and recycled paper processing.
    • Food contact paper can include pulp paper in a product that is constantly in demand.
    • Strained pulp paper can be used in the manufacturing process for other paper products such as paper towels, tissues, toilet paper and other hygiene items.
  • Fiber support. Your pulp paper manufacturing processes need to provide good fiber support and retention, leading to improved durability and strength of the finished product.
  • Dimensional stability. As temperature and humidity levels vary, you want the finished products to retain their shape and dimensions. The right wire cloth or pulp paper helps your products and byproducts stay the shape you need them to be.
  • Better operational outcomes. In the manufacturing process, you need a wire mesh cloth that will support each sheet as its constructed and released from the machinery. These processes become more important in processes with longer running times.
  • Durability. Your pulp processing operations often involve high water pressure and high temperatures. You need products that can stand up to your most critical and rugged manufacturing processes.

To summarize, your pulp paper company needs precise wire cloth, basket strainers and test sieves to deliver:

  • Better consistency and drainage
  • Fewer imperfections
  • Durability
  • Improved outcomes

At Newark Wire, our products come in multiple sizes and materials and are built using the most exacting standards. Our wire cloth line lets you choose the wire sizes, openings, weave types, materials, wire diameter with products that meet multiple ASTM standards. Our test sieves are digitally inspected and can be certified or recertified for ASTM E11 or ISO 3310 compliance.

Learn more about our products for pulp paper manufacturing by contacting us today.