Newark Wire Cloth Company

Industrial Filtration

Industrial Filtration

Newark Wire Cloth, established in 1911 has over 100 of experience weaving industrial wire cloth. Newark has been fabricating Industrial Strainers, Industrial Filters, and wire mesh parts for well over 75 years. Newark is pleased to announce partnering with LIVIC Filtration Systems. LIVIC is a globally renown international manufacturer and design engineers of Filtration Equipment. This relationship will introduce the LIVIC product line with the combined expertise of Newark Wire Cloth. We can now offer complete Industrial Filtration packages – housings and strainer internals; wire cloth, perforated, wedge wire, filter bags, or cartridges.

“Livic by Newark” Industrial Strainer Products
  • ASME Code Stamped (when required)
  • High pressure units with LOCO quick opening covers
  • SF Series – Basket Filtration Systems
  • BF Series – Bag Filtration Systems
  • CF Series – Cartridge Filtration Systems
  • Very competitive pricing
  • Flexible delivery lead times available

LIVIC by Newark is a new source for ‘top quality’ industrial strainers and filters. Strainers and Filters that have all the features, fabrication details, and quality documentation required to be a viable competitor in the domestic USA market.

LIVIC by Newark-1
LIVIC by Newark-2

Filtration technology plays a key role in many industrial processes. Today’s advanced and efficient filtration technology yields process improvements and a profitable return on investment. Filtration adds value to your process in many ways –

  • Purify liquids
  • Improve final product quality
  • Protect costly equipment
  • Reduce the high cost of production problems
  • Save on maintenance costs
  • Prevent equipment from scaling
  • Reduce energy consumption
  • Improve efficiency
  • Allows for water recycling
  • Environmentally compatible

The Newark Wire Cloth is pleased to add LIVIC by Newark industrial strainers, filters, and filtration systems to our family of products.