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Custom Wire Mesh Solutions Accelerate The Chemical Industry

Custom Wire Mesh Solutions Accelerate The Chemical Industry

In the chemical industry, absolutely nothing can be left to chance. The organizations working in this field are absolutely essential to the world economy, converting raw materials into countless products used and depended on by people across the globe. Innovation in this industry empowers consumer products like soaps, detergents, and even cosmetics – so it’s safe to say that “getting the job done” is less important than “getting the job done properly.

When the stakes are this high, chemical companies are naturally very selective about the types of products they choose to rely on in their labs. Custom wire mesh solutions are always among those products, however, for a host of unique reasons that are certainly worth a closer look.


Custom Welded Wire Mesh for the Chemical Industry: A Match Made in Heaven

The various types of wire mesh used by professionals in the chemical industry are often employed for a wide array of purposes, but maybe the most important of them has to do with filtration.

Keep in mind that the types of materials we’re talking about can not only withstand extremely hot and cold temperatures but also certain types of abrasive chemicals, solvents, other types of liquids and even obstructions like sand. That, coupled with wire mesh sizes that can be created to meet precise specifications, can filter out particles down to even a micron or less in size.


Custom Wire Mesh Solutions Accelerate The Chemical Industry

Because of that, these types of custom wire mesh solutions are great for things like:


  • Removing an electrostatic charge from a particularly volatile environment.
  • Filtering out not only acids but also bases, high purity chemicals, polymers and more.
  • Use in an application where a liquid or a gas is going from an extremely low temperature to a high one (or vice versa).

Another fact that surprises a lot of people involves just how much water is used during various processes in the chemical industry.  Depending on the application, water is a critical part of the experiment – but that water also needs to be pure beyond the shadow of a doubt so as to not cloud the results.

Therefore, something like custom wire mesh baskets becomes invaluable for obtaining the highest quality water possible for the individual application. Wire mesh can be used to remove and even extract unwanted materials, chemicals and even biological impurities from the water – all in the name of protecting the integrity of the application moving forward.

All told, custom welded wire mesh solutions – when obtained from a high-quality partner like Newark Wire – can meet (and even exceed) original equipment manufacturer alternatives, both in terms of quality and in price. Because the material itself is nothing if not malleable, it’s also a great solution to turn to when you have a truly unique challenge on your hands. With the right partner by your side, there’s no limit to what you’re able to accomplish — and the various types of wire mesh at your disposal will make sure of it.


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  • Custom wire mesh is used so heavily in the chemical industry in part because it is incredibly durable. It can go from cold to hot temperatures and back again, for example.
  • It’s often used for purposes like filtering out certain elements in a chemical for the basis of a rigidly structured application.
  • It can also be used for water filtration in these environments, too.

If you’d like to find out more about how custom wire mesh solutions accelerate the innovation going on in the chemical industry on a daily basis, or if you have any additional questions that you’d like to discuss in more detail with an expert, please don’t delay – contact Newark Wire Cloth today.