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What is Wire Cloth Used For?

Wire cloth is a versatile material that is used in applications across multiple industries Also known as woven wire cloth or wire mesh,...
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FAQ’s on Filter Leaves

Maintaining adequate filtration that meets or exceeds requirements depends in large part on the quality of the filters that are used in...
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How Wire Mesh Helps Produce Baby Food

The production of infant formula and baby food requires the most stringent adherence to food safety guidelines Using proper production...
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How Newark Wire Cloth Makes the Aerospace Industry Safer

It's no secret that aerospace companies work hard to keep both their employees AND their passengers safe on a daily basis But who do they...
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Your Guide to Stainless Steel Benefits

At Newark Wire Cloth, we've been proud to act as a recognized leader in the wire cloth industry since 1911 We always make an effort to...
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Why Industrial Chocolate Manufacturers Choose Newark Wire Cloth

According to one recent study, the annual estimated sales of chocolate contribute approximately $83 billion to the global economy If you...
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This is why Newark Wire Cloth is Nadcap Certified

If you're using strainers in your manufacturing business, you should insist on Nadcap certification Not all products are made to the...
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How to Clean Test Sieves

Test sieves are valuable pieces of equipment used in all sorts of industries, including manufacturing, agricultural, and mining Sieves...
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8 Things to Consider When Purchasing Wire Cloth

If your company needs wire cloth products, you have an extraordinary range of options to choose from That means you need a clear...
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5 Reasons Why Newark Wire Cloth Test Sieves Are a ‘Must Have’

When your business relies on precision and consistency for every production run, you need products that deliver uniformity for...
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