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3 Surprising Ways You Can Use Pulp Paper to Save the Environment

3 Surprising Ways You Can Use Pulp Paper to Save the Environment

With growing concern for the environment, it’s no surprise the paper industry demands a more eco-friendly presence. This trend continues to strengthen as the internet and other digital technologies place greater impacts in our lives and the way we do things. This doesn’t mean, however, that traditional paper technologies have become passe. From corporate offices to bathrooms and even gas stations, pulp paper products are still trustworthy resources. Thanks to newer technologies, there are more opportunities for pulp paper production and eco conscious practices. Let’s take a closer look.


Did you know that some of the key components in biofuels are sourced from pulp paper? Thanks to the help of strainers and other technologies, the pulp in paper can be further extracted into starch, cellulose fibers, activated carbon, oils and resins, industrial ethanol, and other wood and gum chemical elements. These strategic resources for paper create more market opportunities for both new and recycled paper when more traditional uses for recycled paper are not as desirable for their faster tendencies to deteriorate.

3 Surprising Ways You Can Use Pulp Paper to Save the Environment

Towels and Hygienic Products

As more millennials and baby boomers cultivate an increasing awareness of better health, the demand for towels, tissues, and other hygienic products is on the rise. Products with hypoallergenic and ‘clean’ labels with environmentally smart manufacturing practices are an ideal fit for these markets. What better way to resource extra pulp paper byproduct than by repurposing it into an additional source of revenue? After straining, the product can be sold to another company or used to produce another product in your own facility.

Food Contact Paper

A pulp paper resource that often gets overlooked is in food production and it coincides with the hygienic products market. The items that protect the quality of the food we consume impact their safety and marketability a great deal, particularly for organic and gourmet foods. With this in mind, you can repurpose  extra pulp paper into an excellent opportunity that broadens your company’s horizons. Since food products will always have a consistent demand for consumers, the need for food contact paper will remain a stable source of income in today’s increasingly digital economy.

The Takeaways of Pulp Paper

What does this mean for the future of pulp paper? In short, one can determine that pulp paper is certainly not out of the picture. While some traditional uses for pulp paper products have diminished, other purposes remain strong. There are even new industries that opened the doorway for pulp paper, and newer technologies in the straining and extraction process have made this possible. These new avenues include:

  • Bioproducts – This includes ethanol, cellulose fibers, starches, oils and gum resins, activated carbon, and other wood chemical elements.
  • Towels and Hygienic Products – Tissues, medical supplies, diapers, feminine, and incontinence products that are hypoallergenic and ‘clean label’ will increase in demand for more health conscious generations.
  • Food Contact Paper – As our food quality rises in demand, the need to protect and preserve said foods increases. Future-minded companies will embrace this opportunity to incorporate smarter uses of bulk pulp paper for food packaging and broaden their reach into the food industry.

Using Strainers for Pulp Paper

The functionality of your straining equipment can impact the quality of pulp paper production. Since 1911, Newark Wire Wire Cloth has provided and assisted with wire cloth products for clients in many pulp paper applications. Whether you’re a paper product expert or considering the economic potential of additional pulp paper resources, our wire cloth products will help you reach your goals. Contact us today to see how we can assist you!