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A Guide to ASTM E11 Standards

A Guide to ASTM E11 Standards | Test Sieves

Wire cloth is a highly versatile material and essential component in manufacturing, but without sufficient quality control standards for cloth production and testing, serious product defects can result leading to a myriad of negative outcomes. ASTM E11-20 standards safeguard the production and use of wire cloth and related products, helping stakeholders in the automotive, pharmaceutical and aerospace industries realize better outcomes. Below is an overview of ASTM E11-20 standards.

Committee E11 on Quality & Statistics

The ASTM Committee E11 on Quality & Statistics promotes the appropriate use of principles, statistics and quality control methods related to materials production and use. The committee has jurisdiction over 29 approved standards and is mandated to develop, produce and maintain standards that enhance quality assurance. The group also creates supplemental practices, guides and terminology that make it easier for manufacturers to implement standards and best practices.

ASTM E11020 Sieve Sizes

E11 was founded in 1946 and meets twice a year to coordinate the creation and maintenance of professional guidance. There are 20 members participating in the meetings, but there are approximately 235 committee members. E11 sponsors workshops, seminars and symposia on the use of quality control and statistics associated with approved standards. Many of the standards originally issued by the group are superseded, so determining the active standard is important for compliance and quality assurance purposes.

ASTM E11-20 Standard Specification

As of June 2018, the active standard specification for Woven Wire Test Sieve Cloth and Test Sieves is embodied in ASTM E11-20. The requirements for the design and construction of testing sieves utilizing a medium woven wire cloth mounted in a testing frame, for use in testing the classification of materials given a designated particle size, are covered in detail. Designated test wire cloth is one of the specified outcomes of this standard. Testing frame construction requirements and cloth mounting specifications are also stated.

A Guide to ASTM E11-20 Standards

Frame dimensions, shape, and materials must conform to requirements to meet the standard. For example, frame construction must be made from non-corrosive materials such as stainless steel or brass. Values stated in SI units are standard for the dimensions of sieve cloth, and values stated in inch-pounds are standard for sieve frames, pans and covers. Knowing the correct measurement criteria is critical for compliance.

While this standard has a wide scope related to the design and performance of using wire cloth, it is not meant to be all inclusive. It doesn’t address all safety concerns, which is something that individual test operators must plan for. Also, operators can look at superseded standards to see how best practices and requirements have changed over time. This can help to update test methods and procedures in workshops that’ve performed testing for years.

Summary of takeaways:

  • Committee E11 on Quality & Statistics develops, produces and maintains standards
  • E11 standards promote the appropriate use of principles, statistics and quality control methods
  • E11 guidance has a wide scope but is not meant to be all-inclusive and does not address all safety concerns
  • Standards created by E11 are often superseded by new standards, but the old standards are still available for review
  • ASTM E11-20 creates specifications for designated test wire cloth
  • Wire cloth and testing frames must meet specified requirements to test for the classification of materials given a designated particle size
  • Testing frames must be constructed from non-corrosive materials and meet shape and dimension requirements.

For more information on the application and importance of ASTM E11-20 standards, please contact Newark Wire Cloth today. As a leader in the wire cloth industry, the company follows industry best practices and standards, providing clients with the highest quality products and service.