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Newark Wire Cloth Introduces “Livic by Newark” Industrial Strainer Products

Newark Wire Cloth Company Introduces “Livic by Newark” Industrial Strainer Products

CLIFTON, NJ: A new line of filtration products, Livic by Newark, is now available, opening up more options for customers in need of industrial filtration. Newark Wire Cloth announced its recent partnership with Livic Filtration System to deliver a new line of filtration systems with complete strainer filtration capabilities.  Among others, these products are designed for various processes in the environmental, food, automotive, chemical, aerospace, pulp and paper, pharmaceutical, electronic and water treatment industries.

A Well Made “One Stop” Match to Provide Customer Convenience

Livic Filtration System is a respected international manufacturer of filtration equipment serving many countries including those in Asia, Europe and North America. Rick Campbell, President of Newark Wire Cloth notes, “This exciting addition offers a new potential for growth by offering our customers a more complete range of Filtration Equipment solutions”.  Combined with the diverse features of Livic Filtration System products and our company’s 107 years’ worth of experience, we are now able to provide complete filtration packages to our customers that satisfy a greater area of their production requirements.

Newark Wire Cloth a recognized leader in 3A certified Sanitary Strainers now offers a complete line of “Livic by Newark” Industrial Filtration Systems which incorporates Industrial Basket Strainers and Cartridge Filters in single, duplex and multiple configurations with and without backwash capabilities in all the common and exotic alloys.  Product line includes cartridges, filter bags, and strainer internals, as well as the wire cloth and wedge wire products that Newark Wire continues to offer with excellence to their customers. This hybrid integration of product lines creates significant strategic opportunities for Newark Wire.  The Livic by Newark product line, is further enhanced by Newark’s ongoing commitment to quality; ISO 9001:2008 and AS9100 registered and certified.  In complying with these globally recognized quality management systems the customer is assured that both delivery deadlines and that their parts will meet or exceed the ever-increasing quality demands of industry today.

LIVIC from Newark Wire

A Legacy of Excellence

Founded in 1911, Newark Wire Cloth is a well-respected leader in providing wire cloth and fabricated wire cloth products to customers for over 100 years. Newark Wire Cloth manufactures a wide array of wire cloth, perforated metal and SaniWedge wedge wire products ranging from simple cut pieces and shapes to complete assemblies.  These products include sanitary strainers and filters that filter large visible particles to particles 5 microns in size. Precut pieces in measured shapes and sizes, roll goods, custom wire cloth, and custom fabricated parts are also available for customers to order upon request. Newark Wire has maintained a solid reputation with their clients.  This reputation has solidified our business foundations and helped us become a leading supplier of wire cloth to this day.  Additionally, our engineering department is available to assist our customers in the analysis and ultimate design of their process filtration equipment. Headquartered in Clifton, NJ, their unique position to deliver a broad selection of reliable, high-quality and reliable wire cloth services and products at competitive prices has gained the grounded respect from their customers from a wide variety of industries in the manufacturing spectrum for decades.

For those interested in learning more about Newark Wire Cloth’s brand new Livic by Newark product line and other products, please contact Newark Wire Cloth for more information:

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