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A Look at the Strainers of Engineered Filtration Systems

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There are several types of strainers used on engineered filtration systems, including simplex, duplex, inline, tee, y and conical. It’s vital to incorporate key considerations into choosing the best strainer for any industrial waste filtration system. Newark Wire Cloth is one of the leading industrial filtration companies and offers a full selection of engineered filtration systems.

It’s a dirty business, but someone has to do it, and Newark Wire Cloth has been delivering the highest-quality Fabricated Engineered Filtration Products and systems since 1911. While an engineered filtration system will include a variety of parts, one of the key components is the strainer — also referred to as the industrial wastewater filter.

Simply put, strainers are used to remove debris, solids, and pollutants from a medium or fluid line. They also are vital to protecting valuable downstream equipment such as heat exchangers, condensers, pumps, spray nozzles, compressors and more. Because of the central roles played by strainers in industrial water filtration systems, it’s vital to choose the right one.

And to choose the right strainer, decision-makers must have at least a moderate level of understanding. Continue reading for an overview of some of the most common types of strainers used in various industrial water filtration systems.


Simplex Industrial Wastewater Filters

The simplex basket type of strainer is regularly used in pipeline systems with minimal amounts of debris to be removed. These types of strainers should only be used in situations where the line can be stopped for brief periods for maintenance.

The simplex strainer is a critical part of the overall pipeline because everything must pass through it. Simplex basket strainers work to reduce the necessity for frequent cleanings and offer a time and cost-saving benefit with less downtime.


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Duplex Industrial Wastewater Filters

Duplex strainers work to remove potentially harmful pollutants and particulate matter from the media being processed. Unlike simplex basket strainers, duplex strainers have a continuous flow and do not have to be shut down for maintenance and cleaning.

Once one strainer basket becomes full, the flow can then switch to the alternate basket. This allows for the first basket to be removed, cleaned and replaced for use again. Basket filters may only be intended for brief startup use and may be labeled “temporary.”


In-Line Strainers

Inline strainers are situated within the basket parallel to the line of fluid flow. Inline strainers are regularly used in applications that require sanitary conditions. Newark’s SaniClean Strainers are engineered to be dimensionally interchangeable with other industry-standard inline strainers. Offered in both long and short models, the SaniClean Inline Sanitary Strainer offers cost-effective and efficient filtration solutions.


Sanitary Y-Strainers

Sanitary Y strainers are used across a full range of industrial applications — most of which are steam applications. Unlike the basket strainer or inline strainer, the Y strainer boasts a compact design and cylindrical shape, which allows it to withstand very high pressures. These strainers are devices designed to mechanically remove solids from flowing gases or liquids through the use of a perforated straining element or wire mesh straining element. Y-strainers are extremely critical in pipelines where valuable, sanitary equipment must be protected, such as:


  • — Steam traps
  • — Meters
  • — Pumps
  • — Control valves
  • — Regulators

Whether removing gravel and sand from a medium or protecting sanitary equipment, Y strainers can help. Y strainers are commonly used in the food and beverage, chemical processing, petroleum, power generation, pharmaceutical and power generation industries.


Conical Strainers

Conical strainers are utilized in the protection of pipelines. These strainers implement woven wire mesh media or perforated wire mesh media to effectively strain out contaminants. Conical strainers are two dimensional, which means that whenever pollutants are captured in the straining media, the opening is then blocked.

As a result, there will be a reduced opening for the flow of the media. The size of the strainer is critical for ensuring the key goals are achieved, such as:

  • — Pressure drop requirements
  • — Cleaning cycle time
  • — Particle size retention

The conical strainers at Newark Wire Cloth include the spool section and pressure taps engineered for Liquid Oxygen propellants. These types of strainers are easily installed between large flange faces without needing to modify the pipework that surrounds it. At the same time, conical line strainers are easily removed.


Conical Strainers


Flat Plate Strainers

Flat plate strainers have a very simple design with a flat mesh plane that stretches perpendicular to the flow of the system. These strainers can be directly inserted into the fluid flow line as well as be used while being held in hand. Similar to conical line strainers, flat plate strainers are designed primarily for start-up use and are temporary.


How to Choose the Best Strainers for Engineered Filtration Systems?

When choosing the best strainer for the application, there are no one-size-fits-all solutions. Some types of strainers are very specific for the types of media, such as slurries, steam, gases, and liquids. The proper selection of strainers will be based on several factors, including:


  • — The pipe size of the process line
  • — The normal pipe size that can be accommodated by the strainers
  • — The maximum service design for the strainer
  • — The standard screen opening
  • — The process temperature
  • — The full required range of ambient operating temperatures


Contact Newark Wire Cloth for the Best Industrial Strainers

Regardless of the application or requirements, Newark Wire Cloth is the best industrial water filtration systems manufacturer. With a team of experienced manufacturing professionals, Newark Wire Cloth offers a range of consultative services designed to help clients save time, money, and choose the best strainers for engineered filtration systems.

Contact Newark Wire Cloth today for industrial wastewater filters and strainers.