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New Fabricated Parts from Newark Wire Cloth

New Fabricated Parts from Newark Wire Cloth Company

Custom fabricated wire cloth parts are available from the Newark Wire Cloth. Wire cloth, expanded metal, perforated metal, sheet metal, sintered wire cloth are all custom fabricated by Newark Wire. Strainers, filters, granulator screens and many other OEM items are fabricated from wire cloth or have wire cloth inserts, and can be more efficiently produced by a Newark Wire Cloth specialist.

Engineering specifications, inventory material and the various mesh and wire diameters are available from Newark Wire Cloth. All operations – weaving, cutting, slitting, fitting, forming, stamping, punching, bending, rolling, seaming, edging, welding or soldering are accomplished in-house.

Typical specifications include “Market Grade” wire cloth. It is the generally accepted industry standard. This designation standardizes certain mesh counts and corresponding wire diameters for a range of specification from 2 mesh through 635 mesh. The Market Grade specifications covers everything from a ½” opening down to 30 microns.