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Industry Spotlight: Pharmaceuticals

Industry Spotlight Pharmaceuticals

Pharmaceutical processes emphasize on purity on every production stage. In essence, the final product should be fit for human use. This makes it imperative for pharmaceutical companies to ensure that there is minimal contamination throughout the process. Some of the materials and devices that pharmaceutical companies use to achieve this are wire mesh sieves, filtration cloths, and basket strainers. While each of the products has specific functions and is used at certain stages of the process, the primary goal is to enhance the sanitation standards.

Wire mesh sieves

Wire mesh sieves are used to check screening in the pharmaceutical industry. The sieves are designed and made in such a way that they are easy to install, operate and maintain while ensuring that they do an effective job regarding cleaning. Most wire mesh designs feature a compact design that makes it possible to fit the devices in constricted height areas.

The first application of wire mesh sieves in the pharmaceutical industry is in debagging the raw ingredients during the first stages of the process. Since parts of the bag may be introduced into the process and contaminate the product, it is important that the parts are removed from the raw ingredients.

Wire mesh sieves are also used in mixing and blending. This is because the process exposes the mixtures to potential contamination. Using different types of sieves ensures the powder meets the set sanitation standards.

Once the production of the products is finished and it is time to package it, wire mesh sieves can be used to protect the sanitary condition of the end product. This makes it possible to comply with the set standards of the industry.

Filtration cloth in the pharmaceutical industry

Filtration cloth, just like wire mesh sieves, is used to ensure that the products from pharmaceutical companies and clean and safe. The cloths are also designed to enhance the efficiency of manufacturing pharmaceutical products.

The process of filtering slurries can be quite complicated owing to the consistency and shape of the solid part of the slurries. Filtration using the cloths makes it possible to achieve consistent results at all times. The only condition is that the fabric meets the strict requirements of the industry.

With the small holes in the filtration cloths, it is possible to block dust particles from making their way into the powder. This means that even fine particles will not get into the mixture at any stage. By keeping away all contaminants, the cloths maintain the purity of various pharmaceutical manufacturing products.

Basket strainers

The application of basket strainers in industrial processes spreads across several industries. One of the industries that benefit greatly from the pieces of equipment is the pharmaceutical industry.


Sanitation is a critical part of the industry, a factor that makes it necessary to have several measures to preserve the purity of the pharmaceutical manufacturing products. Industrial basket strainers help to filter out solid contaminant, leaving the flowing liquid or gas in the condition required for the process.


Some of the solid contaminants that industrial basket strainers help to get rid of can cause corrosion to the expensive equipment and pipes used in the pharmaceutical industry. By filtering out the solid debris, basket strainers ensure the protection of such pharmaceutical production equipment.

With the important role that wire mesh sieves, filtration cloths, and basket strainers play in the pharmaceutical industry, it is clear that you will have to choose a reliable manufacturer when looking to buy the products. Once you are ready to improve efficiency in your pharmaceutical company, kindly contact Newark Wire Cloth for the best products in the market.