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Wire Mesh Products Make Wastewater Treatment More Efficient

Wire Mesh Products Make Wastewater Treatment More Efficient

Wastewater treatment plants play a vital role in preserving our water supply. The wastewater industry is likely to play a more crucial role in the coming years as the importance of water conservation grows and scarcity becomes acute.

Critical to wastewater treatment is having reliable equipment that allows for operations to proceed unimpeded, is durable and completes the essential tasks.

As part of the screening process in wastewater treatment, wire mesh cloth products play an important role. As one of the most versatile products, wire cloth provides multiple applications for wastewater treatment. It is frequently used for machine guards, filters and screens. The wire mesh products are used on clarifiers, separation equipment and settling tanks.

Wire mesh is also an important part of the evaluation of wastewater products. Test sieves help determine if the desired outcomes are reached in particle testing.


How Wire Mesh Products Help in Wastewater Treatment

Screens help separate differently sized solids and solid particles from the liquid in pretreatment operations. Multiple screens can be incorporated into the process to separate different sizes of particles at different stages.

For wastewater treatment, screens usually have circular or rectangular slots.

Screens are highly effective tools for separating large amounts of suspended particles quickly, especially early on in the screening process, where paper, plastics, metals and rags can be commonly caught.

There are generally two steps to removing solids. The first is by directly straining for particles that are larger than the screen opening. The second filters smaller particles through the solids that are already deposited on the screen.


Pic of the Wastewater Treatment Process


Options for Wastewater Treatment

Why are wire mesh strainers, sieves and basket strainers so essential for treatment? Because the processes and debris filters wastewater treatment plant operators choose to use has a significant impact on the outcomes. Separating suspended solids from wastewater can be done in the following ways:


  • Screening Devices: Screens help remove large particles that can interfere with later processing operations or damage equipment. Wire mesh is one of the most effective ways to remove these particles.
  • Surface Filters. A close wire mesh screen in the form of a continuous belt rotates atop a perforated drum that is submerged partially in the slurry.
  • Gravity Sedimentation: Time allows some suspended materials to settle or float to the top.
  • Dissolved-Air Floatation. For suspended matter that does not sink or float, fine, divided gas bubbles are introduced. They adhere to particles and float to the top where they are skimmed.





Wastewater treatment is an important, yet often overlooked industry. To keep plants working efficiently, wire cloth products are critical. Remember:


  • Wire mesh is used in multiple wastewater treatment applications
  • Wire mesh screens of different sizes help sort differently sized particles
  • Screens are used in some of the most effective separation techniques
  • Wire mesh products come in multiple sizes and materials to best suit your wastewater treatment needs

At Newark Wire, our products come in a variety of high-quality materials. Stainless steel is an excellent choice due to its high corrosion resistance, especially due to microorganisms used during wastewater treatment processes. Nickel alloys are another good choice due to their durability on production equipment.

Newark Wire offers a complete range of wire mesh, basket strainers and test sieves in a full range of sizes and shapes. Contact us today to learn more about our industrial products for the wastewater treatment process.