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How to Choose the Right Mechanical Sieve Shakers

Uses of a mechanical shaker

Choosing the right test sieve shakers impacts the accuracy and reliability of experiments, making the selection process a critical one. Newark Wire representatives are available to aid in selection decisions, and there are multiple models to choose from. This gives manufacturers the flexibility to design their tests properly using the right test sieve shaker.

What is a Sieve Shaker?

Test sieves are used for the collection of particle samples and come in different materials, such as stainless steel or brass, and are used in laboratories throughout the global economy. Test sieve shakers are used to analyze the samples collected in test sieves. The testing involves the shaking or manipulation of the sample, resulting in data analysis. The uses of a mechanical sieve shaker include determining the range of particle sizes within a sample. Depending on the model of shaker, wet and dry samples can be analyzed using touch screen controls and software applications.

mechanical sieve shaker

Types of Test Sieve Shakers

Hosokawa Air Jet Sieve: This particle analyzer measures particle size distribution and is an economical shaker. An analysis computer, with touchscreen controls, aids in data analysis and allows technicians to collect specimen feedback, for immediate decision-making. This compact model is ideal for small test sizes and is easily portable, given its dimensions and light weight.

Ro-Tap: The dynamics and dimensions of this shaker are more vertical than horizontal. When in operation the test sieves move in a horizontal circular motion. A tapping vertical movement also helps to test the samples. This unit is ideal for testing multiple particle samples and can yield important information regarding particle size, as well as other properties.

EFL Sieve Shaker: This product is a heavy duty shaker able to stand up to regular use and is suited for wet or dry sieving. It is floor or table mounted, for ease of use, and it has a low noise level for designated test areas. This unit has an electromagnetic power system that reduces the overall weight of the shaker, while making the unit more reliable even under stressful testing conditions.

Minor Sieve Shaker: Low cost and well-designed, this portable shaker has features that are generally only found on more expensive models. It has an electromagnetic drive and is portable for convenient testing of materials, anywhere in the laboratory, making it an easy addition to your laboratory sieve set. Different voltages are available to facilitate the nature of the testing.

Octagon Digital 2000 Sieve Shaker: This advanced shaker has a closed loop amplitude control and is compatible with operating software, for easy use in testing. It accepts up to 8 sieves for quick and effective testing of large sample sizes. This shaker has all of the latest and greatest features that many testers look for, including a reliable sieve opening.

mechanical sieve shaker

Summary of Takeaways:

  • Test sieve shakers are used to analyze particle samples and come in a variety of different sizes.
  • Sieve shakers often come with touch screen controls and software that allow for sophisticated data collection and analysis.
  • May sieve shakers are lightweight and portable, allowing for easy movement within labs and the optimization of testing conditions.
  • Newark Wire test sieves are designed to be compatible with most major sieve shaker brands and related products.

Industrial sieve shakers must meet tight thresholds to deliver accurate results, which is why Newark Wire offers shakers that meet quality assurance specifications. The test sieve shaker one uses should protect the integrity of the product and test, thereby giving one useful data to make critical business decisions. To learn more about shakers, test sieve sizes, sieve shaker specifications and product options, please contact the Newark Wire Company today.