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Guide To Wire Cloth Products

Guide To Wire Cloth Products

Wire Cloth Products represent a universal ingredient for just about every industrial process. Wire Cloth fabricated products are found in the space shuttle, beverage bottling lines, industrial screening, mining, water and waste equipment, chemical process pipelines, agricultural and pharmaceutical industries. Wire Cloth products are arguably one of the oldest forms of screening, separation and filtration and remain an important tool for the process engineer.

 What Is a Wire Cloth Product? 

Wire Cloth Products are fabrications of various wire cloth weaves including space cloth, square weaves, filter cloths, twill weaves and many other variations. Simple fabrications include cut pieces, discs and various shapes. Because of the versatility of wire cloth, baskets, stampings, tubular elements, cones and intricate shapes are all common. Our this products can be welded, soldered, brazed and fashioned in a multitude of configurations. This can be heat treated and electropolished and are available in most alloys.

Guide To Wire Cloth Products

Wire Cloth is:

Wire Cloth Products have significant benefits to a cross-section of industrial processes requiring screening, filtration or separation.

  • Available in most Stainless Steel and specialty alloys to suit both common and corrosive applications.
  • Fabricated to meet almost any configuration or shape required. 
  • Economical, and considering that most weaves are available from stock, it enables the engineer great latitude in design.

 Types Of Wire Cloth Products

Our Fabricated Products are available in various configurations to meet process needs: cylinders, trays, cones, baskets, filter elements, aerospace components and a multitude of shapes and assemblies to suit any requirements. Wire cloth products lend themselves to many possibilities and offer designs not available to other media.


In conclusion, Newark Wire Products are:

  • Designed and fabricated to meet the requirements of most industrial processes
  • An asset to process engineers, enabling a multitude of configurations to suit filtration and screening needs
  • — Economical and offer a latitude of designs with materials that are readily available

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If your process needs Wire Cloth Products, Newark Wire Cloth is here for you. Our firm was established in 1911 and has become one of the leaders in the wire cloth industry. We take pride in producing only the highest quality products and in supplying these products to businesses in a variety of industries. We offer a wide selection of items, including custom-woven wire cloth, custom fabricated parts, roll goods and even cut pieces. We pride ourselves on offering excellent customer service to all our clients. Contact us today to learn more about our offerings.