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Architectural Wire Mesh: The Future of Infrastructure

Architectural Wire Mesh

In an archeological park in the southeast Italian region of Puglia looms the ghost of Basilica di Siponto. Destroyed by earthquakes during the 1400s, the basilica stands again as a full-size, nearly transparent artist’s reconstruction created with architectural wire mesh.

In a way, this artwork symbolizes the growing role of architectural wire mesh in the future of infrastructure construction and maintenance around the world. After all, cathedrals were part of the “infrastructure” that kept society going 600 years ago, just as schools, highways and power plants keep modern societies chugging along.

In the United States, infrastructure (and its crumbling state) is a hot topic, as is the cost of fixing what’s there and keeping up with growing needs. So how does woven wire mesh architecture fit into the equation?

Long-lasting and Good Looking

With an eye to costs, products like stainless steel wire mesh, decorative wire mesh panels and architectural wire mesh panels meet some important criteria for economical infrastructure construction:

  • Flexibility. This quality applies to more than an ability to conform to required shapes. Wire mesh can be manufactured to meet virtually any custom specification.
  • Strength and durability. As important as its strength is the ability of wire mesh products to withstand long use in a variety of conditions. Wire mesh resists damage from water and other hazards to long-term structural integrity.
  • Attractive appearance. Indoors and outdoors, as a building façade to screen out harsh sunlight or a security barrier that doesn’t obstruct vision, wire mesh does the job and looks good at the same time.

Considering all the factors influencing the cost of construction, industrial wire mesh holds a strong position. It offers extended service life, low maintenance and enduring good looks.

Virtually endless applications

Any type of metal that can be drawn into wire can be made into mesh, so the uses of wire mesh are as wide-ranging as a designer’s imagination. They can serve purposes including, among many others:

  • Security. Wire mesh can be as flexible or rigid as needed and provides as much through-screen visibility as necessary. It offers a secure barrier.
  • Decoration. To enhance the appearance of structures, architectural wire mesh components can include designs that make structures not only serviceable but also beautiful.
  • Shade. The sun can work against a tight budget by raising cooling expenses. Economical architectural steel mesh lowers cooling costs.
  • Safety. It’s important to keep equipment safe from theft and vandalism and, when it’s hazardous, to prevent curious people from approaching it. The strength, durability and economy of wire mesh make it a good choice for safety and security enclosures.
  • Protection. Preventing damage to equipment and other sensitive items in high-traffic areas often requires some kind of barrier. Wire mesh can be used for economical and attractive grilles, screens and other protective shields.

Architectural Wire Mesh

A Growing Range of Options and Applications

Today, architectural metal mesh can be manufactured using wire of diameters from an inch to less than a human hair. Mesh openings can be more than four inches down to one micron. These features allow a wide variety of weave types to meet the requirements of many applications.

For critical infrastructure needs that continue to expand every day, architectural wire mesh offers important benefits:

  • Economy. In infrastructure construction, cost is a concern. Wire mesh provides cost-effective solutions. Its strength and durability mean long-lasting service. If you work in construction, wire mesh is definitely worth exploring for your next project.
  • Expanding applications. Architectural wire mesh can be used effectively indoors and outdoors for a growing range of applications requiring both durability and an attractive appearance. For example, a National Guard readiness center in Oregon features “bricks” made from stones wrapped in wire mesh to form an attractive blast barrier.

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