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ASTM E11 Test Sieves from Newark Wire Cloth

Test Sieve - ASTM E11

The Newark Wire Cloth is one of the top manufacturers for all types of sieves in the industry. We offer ‘superior’ quality Test Sieves; featuring our exclusive ‘Cleaner-by-Design’ construction, trademarked as our SuperlaSieveTM technology.

ASTM E11 Test Sieve specifications for sizing, testing and grading are available from Newark Wire Cloth. Newark Wire Cloth Test Sieves are widely known for their accuracy. Sieve Cloth meets the ASTM E11-13 specification; accurate opening sizes within ASTM specified tolerances. Newark’s Test Sieves are ‘crevice free’ to ensure the user of no particle entrapment where the sieve cloth is attached to the sieve frame.

A complete line of testing sieves is available from Newark Wire Cloth – both the U.S. Standard as per ASTM E11 and Market Grade sieves can be supplied. Sieves are available in standard sizes ranging from 3″ diameter to 18″ diameter; in full and half height depths. Aperture sizes range from larger than 4″ down to 20 microns. Test Sieves are manufactured in an all stainless construction; stainless steel frame and stainless steel sieve cloth.

A complete ASTM E11 Test Sieve listing is found on our website.