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ASTM E11 Standards

ASTM E11 Standards

Since 1911, Newark Wire Cloth has been the leader when it comes to the wire cloth industry. With that comes extensive knowledge in the standards for wire cloth. ASTM E11 Standards safeguard the production of all wire cloth products to provide quality control and industry statistics. 

Newark Wire Cloth & ASTM E11 Standards

The ASTM (American Society of Testing Materials) has a wide scope of standards. With over 5,000 global standards representing 140 countries and over 120 years of operation, their intense testing practices are applied to any wire produced to be sold. In addition to this, their active standards are updated every 5 years.

The ASTM was set into place to promote a high standard in regards to the quality control, statistics, and principles that correlate with materials used in production. With over 29 standards, this committee has jurisdiction to maintain, produce, and develop standards that enhance a product’s quality. In addition to this, the group develops terminology, guides, and supplemental practices that make it easier for standards to be implemented and the best practices can be utilized. The frames being tested are required to be constructed from materials that are non-corrosive and meet the dimension and shape requirements. Testing frames and wire cloth need to meet specific requirements to be tested for material classification given their particular particle size.

Standards for Wire

– 11-20 is known as the standard specification for welding wire.

– 161-17 is known as the standard specification for electrical formed materials and tests.

A major factor that plays into the ASTM system is confidence, which refers to the percentage of all possible samples that can be expected to include the population parameter. For example, samples are selected from the same population of product, and a confidence level is created for each sample. The higher the confidence percentage, the more it implies that standards are what they’re supposed to be, providing a better filtration.

Gaps in ASTM E11 Standards

Although the E11 guidance has quite a reach, it doesn’t address every safety concern and it is not all-inclusive. While the standards that have been created by the E11 are oftentimes superseded by the newer standards, the older standards remain available to be reviewed. With further technological advancements in wire cloth production, ASTM E11 standards will require updates. 

Applications for ASTM Standards 

As for industrial baskets, there are quite a few different styles available on the market. There are general-purpose baskets, decreasing baskets, cleaning baskets, ultrasonic cleaning baskets, or dipping baskets. In addition to this, there are still multiple shapes these baskets can be made in — round, square, rectangular, etc. You can also have a basket with a handle, stretched or rigid, or you can have one that swings back and forth like a scale.


— The ASTM is what maintains, produces, and develops standards in regards to the quality and statistics of a product.

— The Committee E11 is what maintains, produces, and develops standards on Quality & Statistics.

— The E11 standards were created to help appropriate the usage of quality control, statistics, and principle methods.

— The ASTM E11-20 is what makes specifications for certain test wire cloth.

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At Newark Wire Cloth, we’re committed to providing our customers with products that are free of defects, timely and meet the project requirements that have been created by the ASTM. We’re motivated by providing a safe and healthy work environment for our employees. In addition to this, we continually improve our quality management by monitoring our benchmarks. Do you have further questions about our wire cloth or the ASTM? If so, contact us today so we can help you with your wire cloth needs!