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5 Reasons Why Newark Wire Cloth Test Sieves Are a ‘Must Have’

5 Reasons Why Newark Wire Cloth Test Sieves Are a ‘Must Have’

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When your business relies on precision and consistency for every production run, you need products that deliver uniformity for every cycle. It’s why companies looking for wire mesh test sieves and other wire cloth products turn to the Newark Wire Cloth.

Understanding the exacting standards required by the American Society for Testing Materials (ASTM) helps you appreciate the commitment to production excellence that our customers rightly demand.

What Are the ASTM Standards?

For 120 years, the ASTM has developed more than 12,500 standards used globally to ensure technical quality and expertise for materials used to evaluate processes across many industries.

ASTM E11 provides standards used to protect the production and use of wire cloth sieve products, including the cloth used for test sieves. A committee of industry professionals manages 29 standards and is responsible for maintaining those standards, creating supplemental practices, guides and terminology that drive better quality assurance.

Astm test sieves, astm e11 sizes, standard sieve sizes astm

In recent years, the ASTM committee has developed more precise definitions for a test sieve’s accuracy and reliability.

Sieves have one function: to separate particles into uniform particle sizes. Given the vast number of sieve sizes, it’s important to provide exacting guidance. ASTM test sieves are usually available in three different grades — compliance, inspection and calibration — all of which verify the size of sieve openings and wire diameters.

Why Newark Wire Pays Attention to Test Sieves

Newark Wire serves customers in the aerospace, pharmaceutical, automotive and food production industries. We rely on precision when analyzing and examining materials, machines and solutions.

It begins with our production processes, which use 300-series steel. Our SuperlaSieve technology was created in response to customer feedback to offer superior quality. We use precision manufacturing techniques and welding, UV adhesion and pure tin soldering for our sieves. We use construction methods that result in more sanitary test sieves. Our process means there are no ink markings on the sieve cloth itself and no rivets on the inside of the sieve frame.

There’s a smooth and clean transition from the side wall to the frame surface, adding to the sieve’s capabilities and uses. In addition, we remove any epoxy beads, reducing the risk of solutions being blocked or stuck during testing runs. We make compliant standard sieve sizes ASTM approves and uncommon sizes if needed.

Astm test sieves, astm e11 sizes, standard sieve sizes astm

The Advantages to Newark Wire Test Sieves

When you use test sieves that have been certified using the ASTM E11 standards, you can be confident in the quality and functionality. Here are a few of the key advantages to using Newark Wire test sieves:

  • Durability. Our sieves last longer and stand up to the most rigorous test environments due to our use of polished stainless steel
  • Fewer crevices. Compared to our competitors, we offer fewer crevices that can snag particles and adversely affect testing procedures
  • Materials. In addition to stainless steel, we feature 22 ga. sheet metal on the sieve frames, meaning up to 37 percent thicker frames than our competitors
  • Options. Our vast selection of ASTM E11 sizes, including those with large diameters, means there’s one available for your evaluation purposes
  • Quality assurance. We use digital inspection specifications to ensure quality


Newark Wire is the smart choice for your test sieve needs, due to their rigorous adherence to guidelines. To summarize:

  • ASTM standards cover the production and use of test sieves made of wire mesh cloth
  • Test sieves are an essential component for manufacturers looking to assess particle sizes, processes and machines used in production
  • Newark Wire uses exacting production standards for our test sieves
  • Newark Wire test sieves are durable, reliable and come in a range of sizes and shapes

Learn more about how Newark Wire can improve the outcomes for your manufacturing company. Schedule a free, no-obligation initial consultation today.