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Cleaning a Test Sieve

A test sieve is created to exact specification, and through proper care and maintenance a sieve can keep its precise shape and function. Storing and cleaning test sieves in appropriate ways ensures that the product will continue to function as desired.

After using a test sieve, it is important to store the device in dry and clean conditions. The best way to dry a sieve is to let it dry in naturally. Placing sieves on vertical racks, with separate compartments, will ensure that sieves are easily able to air dry. Using heat to dry a sieve can ultimately warp the shape of the frame or wire cloth.

For cleaning, a specialized sieve brush should be used. Different types of sieves require different coarseness for cleaning, so it important to get a brush that will work for the specific sieves being used. Light pressure is key when cleaning a sieve. Light circular motions should be made on the underside of the sieve. The bottom can also be tapped with the wooden side of the brush, but do so with care. Lastly, a sieve is cleaned in warm water with a mild soap.

It is important that any new/all newly acquired test sieves are given a warm water and mild soap bath. This ensures that all oil and grease are washed away from the product.