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Use the Right Strainers for Your Industrial Filtration Systems

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Facility operators in a wide variety of industries are focused on industrial filtration. In food production, it removes contaminants and helps to control product thickness and texture. In power plants, it keeps contaminants from fouling systems and shortening their lifespans. At water treatment facilities, it does everything from removing large objects to helping with the sanitization of outgoing water. Because of this variety of purposes, it is typical for industrial filtration systems to be custom-designed.

Popular Types of Industrial Filters

Industrial Basket Strainers

Basket strainers look much like their name implies. They’re long cylindrical strainers, typically with open tops and mesh sides and bottoms. Unfiltered material comes in the open end and can only exit through the mesh. In the process, objects larger than the mesh size are trapped and kept behind.

The material and mesh sizes used depend on the application. In food and pharmaceutical applications, very fine mesh and A4 sanitizable material are common. Industries that need fine filtration, but don’t have sanitary concerns, use fine mesh of more economical types. For applications where only large objects need to be removed, the mesh is quite coarse and the material is sturdier.

Often, straining is done in a series ranging from coarse to fine. This is good for things like treating water, where the raw input may include rocks and other debris. A very coarse mesh strainer gets rid of the stones, and later in processing, filters with finer meshes are used sequentially to reduce particulate contamination until there is none left.

Vessel Internals

In some cases, the fluid to be filtered isn’t in an ongoing pipe. Instead, it is put into a vessel, and either filtered at the point of the nozzle or in the vessel itself. Vessel internals are filter components that allow this to be done. They are used by brewers and others who need to keep large amounts of product in vats or other containers during processing.

Wedge Wire

This unique type of filtration system uses strips of wire instead of mesh. The precise placement of the wedge-shaped wires allows for extremely uniform filtration results. This style works well with stainless steel and other materials that don’t impart flavors to the liquids being processed. Because of this, they are favorites of brewers, wine makers, and similar operators.

Filter Leaves

Leaf filtration is one of the oldest technologies in the industry, but it is still very useful. Every industry can use filter leaves, but getting good results requires working with a company that has years of experience in their design and manufacture. Here at Newark Wire Cloth Company, we have the experience that many industrial filtration equipment manufacturers lack. We can align your filter screens to the filter media, design the best outlet systems, and match everything to the precoat media so you get the desired clean-cake release.

Engineered Filtration Products

Sometimes, your application will work far better with custom industrial filtration products than any current off-the-shelf filtration models. In those cases, Newark Wire can help. We have been doing custom engineering for over 100 years, so you can count on us whether your goal is to retain the filtrate or the fluid.

These are just some of the filtration products we handle here at Newark Wire Cloth. To be sure that you get the best solution for your needs, simply contact us. Our engineers will be glad to work with you to create the best system for your facility. Alternatively, if you already know exactly what you want, just call our sales department to get it right away.