Large Diameter Test Sieves

Newark Wire Cloth regularly makes ‘Large Diameter’ Test Sieves; 16’’, 18’’, 24’’ and even larger. All large diameter Test Sieves are fabricated using our SuperlaSieve techniques to give you a clean and unobstructed sieving area.

18″ dia. Test Sieve – US Std. #6 as per ASTM E11 w/ Certificate Of Compliance. Pure Tin Soldered construction.
‘Beading’ strip stock for the bottom ‘skirt’ portion of a large diameter sieve frame

Add Brackets to your Large Diameter Test Sieve. Ideal for a final product quality check when packaging. Fill your fiber drum through a large diameter test sieve, minimize the change of oversized particles or contaminates in the product.

Use either (3) or (4) Brackets. Tell us how long you want the brackets to be and we’ll size them to suit.

18″ dia. Test Sieve with (3) brackets
18″ dia. Test Sieve with (4) brackets

Bracket Details...

Fabricated using 1/8” x 1” Flat Bar Large Diameter Test Sieve Brackets are welded to the top rolled bead and the rolled bead of the skirt at the bottom of the test sieve. The Brackets are not welded to the light gauge side wall sheet metal of the test sieve frame as they would not be as durable.

When requesting brackets we need to know how many brackets you require (3 or 4) and we need to know what diameter the brackets need to span.