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Filter Leaves

Filter Leaves

Filter Leaf fabrication is a combination of engineering, experience and technique. Accurately woven filter media, properly engineered drainage chambers and outlet configurations all contribute to a successful product. Our award winning SaniLeaf design attests to Newark Wire Cloth’s success in this field.

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  • Bare
  • Alloy or Synthetic
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  • Ail Styles
Filter leaves

Filter Leaf Filters are one of the oldest forms of filtration processes and are used in every process field including Chemical, Food, Drug, Water and Waste Treatment. Methods of construction, shape and styles are numerous.

Experience and understanding of this classic filtration process is paramount. Newark Wire Cloth, in its over 100 year history, has gained that knowledge and understanding.

Filter Leaves are manufactured in a variety of shapes and configurations. Rectangular, square, round and arc sided is a partial listing. Although many considerations, including these configurations, need to be accommodated in the manufacture of filter leaves, filter media (screen surface), flow chamber and outlet design lead the variables in importance.

Filter screens need to be matched to the pre-coat media used, resist clogging and offer clean cake release. The flow chamber is responsible for uniform effluent collection while maintaining leaf stability. Outlets need to accommodate the total flow of the leaf and provide a leak-proof seal to the collector. The proper combination of these ingredients lead to longer filter runs, reduced maintenance and economical production cycles.

Because of Newark Wire Cloth’s experience in the understanding of these considerations, we are an acknowledged leader in the field. “SaniLeaf” is an award-winning and recognized superior construction consisting of precision woven filter cloth, “SaniGrid” high flow chamber and accurately machined outlets. This results in a more uniform cake buildup and pressure distribution, increasing filtration cycles and reducing downtime.

Newark has an added feature of a center collection element, used on larger filter leaves, dependent on the process, assuring uniform flow and application of pre-coat. It allows for a more even precoat and uniform cake build up by acting as a flow distributor within the leaf itself. It has an additional benefit as a structural member further assuring leaf stability, a significant design parameter insuring cake stability to avoid bypass.

Whether your requirement is an all welded leaf or bolted, Newark can provide new, rescreen or in some circumstances a complete rebuild, as economically feasible with round, center outlet designs or arc-sided leaves with heavy-duty outlets and hangers.