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Engineered for Industry: Commercial Filtration Products

Industrial filters and strainers are a bit like fishing flies. They share a lot of basic components, but small differences can have large consequences when it comes to performance. It can be a serious mistake to rely on a substitute just because it looks similar.

Proper filter or strainer engineering can mean the difference between long-term high performance and ongoing poor performance with its attendant costs and downtime.

Engineering Experience Makes All The Difference

The importance of solid engineering makes it essential that manufacturers who require filters and strainers for their processes work with a supplier who has the experience and knowledge necessary to deliver the best-functioning components as well as the ability to meet the highest quality standards.

That said, these are some of the categories of engineered strainer and filter products most often required in the water and process industries:

  • Vessel internals
  • Filter leaves
  • Engineered strainer products

Vessel Internals

Smart engineering helps ensure efficient and effective distribution and collection systems for adsorption, ion exchange and filtration. Success in this area requires consideration of every aspect of the process that depends on the filtering equipment.

Vessel internals include:

  • Hub laterals
  • Header laterals
  • Filter nozzles
  • Basket strainers

Hub and header laterals

These systems provide uniform distribution and collection within the media bed. This ensures maximum efficiency in the use of the media.

Critical to flow equalization is lateral and nozzle spacing. Lateral hole spacing and drill patterns often must be varied to accommodate the need for equalization.

Filter nozzles

Supplied for new and existing activated carbon systems, exchange vessels and sand filters, filter nozzles feature a variety of slot retentions, depending on media bed requirements. They can be manufactured with FPT, MPT, T-bolt and other connections.

Basket strainers

Provided for resin traps with new or existing system housings, basket strainers rely on exacting engineering. Sizing is critical, so professional engineering assistance is important to calculate flow/pressure drop and the mechanical requirements, such as alloy, temperature and pressure.

Filter Leaves

Although filter leaves are among the oldest forms of filtration, they have grown immensely in sophistication and continue to play a leading role in chemical, food, drug, water and waste treatment processes.

Manufactured in a variety of shapes and configurations—including rectangular, square, round and arc-sided, among others—filter leaves have to address a range of considerations, such as:

  • Filter media (screen surface):Filter screens have to match with the pre-coat media, resist clogging and provide clean cake release.
  • Flow chamber: Responsible for uniform effluent collection, the flow chamber must maintain leaf stability.
  • Outlet design: Outlets need to handle the total flow of the leaf and, at the same time, offer a leak-proof seal.

When the filter media, flow chamber and outlet work together as they should, the results are:

  • Longer filter runs
  • Reduced maintenance
  • Economical production cycles

In other words—lower costs in time and money.

Engineered Strainer Products

Manufactured in many shapes, sizes and alloys, engineered strainer products for the process industries are made to produce products of consistent high quality. It doesn’t matter whether the desired product is the particulate retained or the filtrate.

The key to finding the right engineered strainer is matching the strainer to the process, like choosing the right fly to catch the desired fish. Little differences can change the outcome drastically.

For example, among other choices, strainer products can be created in single and duplex configurations with perforated, wire mesh, synthetic and other elements, such as Newark Wire Cloth SaniWedge wedge wire filter options.

Quality Happens When it’s Engineered

The quality of the product that emerges from a process is determined, in large part, by the quality of components that make the process happen. Filters and strainers play such an important part in the process that they deserve close attention.

It’s therefore critical to remember:

  • The choice of filters and strainers must be based on an understanding of the entire production process
  • High-quality engineering must be applied to every component of a filtration or straining system to ensure the quality of the entire system
  • The knowledge and experience of the supplier have to be a major consideration in selecting an engineered filter or strainer

For more than 107 years, Newark Wire has specialized in fabricating standard and custom wire mesh products, including filters and strainers. Contact the company for more information about wire mesh and its industrial processing applications.