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3 Surprising Ways You Can Use Pulp Paper to Save the Environment

With growing concern for the environment, it’s no surprise the paper industry demands a more eco-friendly presence This trend continues...
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Newark Wire Cloth Company Introduces “Livic by Newark” Industrial Strainer Products

CLIFTON, NJ: A new line of filtration products, Livic by Newark, is now available, opening up more options for customers in need of...
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What is Petrochemical Engineering & Why is Wire Cloth Necessary?

Petrochemical engineering makes the world go round but what is petrochemical engineering exactly This exciting and extremely important...
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Stainless Steel Wedge Wire: Here Are Its Top 7 Industrial Uses

Stainless steel Wedge Wire filters are popular in various industries From filtering for food and beverage companies to removing solids from...
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Building the Future of Infrastructure with Architectural Wire Mesh

In an archeological park in the southeast Italian region of Puglia looms the ghost of Basilica di Siponto Destroyed by earthquakes during...
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A New Way to Think About Saltwater Filtration Systems

Clean drinking water is a daily necessity – and there is simply not enough of it Shortages of drinking water impact the survival of the...
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Automotive Wire Mesh: Why Wire Mesh For Cars Is Important

There are nearly 270 million cars and light trucks on the road today in the US, and each one of them uses automotive wire mesh in some...
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4 Reasons Why the Mining Industry Needs Wire Cloth Mesh

It is often easy to forget in this world of iPhones and hybrid cars, that technology first starts deep underground with the metal mining...
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What You Need to Know About Cleaning Wire Cloth Mesh

Previously, the importance of stainless steel wire cloth and wire cloth mesh in the aerospace, automotive, medical, pharmaceutical and food...
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Fly by wire: Wire cloth mesh in the aerospace industry

You might be familiar with the use of wire cloth and filters in the food processing, pharmaceutical and cosmetic industries But did you...
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