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How Wedge Wire is Being Used in the Brewing Industry

Filtration devices and wedge wire are essential for product testing and manufacturing in the brewing industry, which is why the Newark Wire...
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How to Choose the Right Mechanical Sieve Shakers

Choosing the right test sieve shakers impacts the accuracy and reliability of experiments, making the selection process a critical one...
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This is Why We Teamed Up With Another Filtration Manufacturer

Newark Wire is an industry leader in wire cloth production and high-end related products The company continuously looks for new ways to add...
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What You Need to Know About Vessel Internals

Vessel internals are more than basic components that facilitate production, because they impact the character and quality of products,...
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Which Metal Should I Get Wire Cloth Made From?

The wire cloth you choose for experiments or production can lead to innovation and enhanced product quality, giving your company a...
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Wire Cloth in the Water Treatment Industry

Wire cloth is integral to water treatment systems and the water treatment process, because it allows for particle testing and a range of...
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What Are Test Sieves Used For?

Test sieves facilitate materials analysis and examination in the automotive, aerospace and pharmaceutical industries, leading to higher...
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A Guide to Wire Cloth Weaves: Types of Weaves & More

What's the difference between a medieval knight dressed for battle and a modern man dressed for business Answer: They both wear cloth...
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A Guide to ASTM E11 Standards | Test Sieves

Wire cloth is a highly versatile material and essential component in manufacturing, but without sufficient quality control standards for...
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Evolutions in Wire Cloth Manufacturing: Then and Now

From ancient Egypt to the modern era, the invention of wire cloth has long been the essential tool of choice for manufacturing processes...
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