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Woven Wire Mesh Test Sieves

Woven test sieves are perfect for sampling in laboratories, as well as for analyzing particle sizes. These test sieves come in several standard sizes

Millimeters: 38, 150, 200, 300, 315, 350, 540

Inches: 3, 8, 12, 18

Each size will also have a specific aperture rating. Standard aperture sizes range between 125 mm and 20 microns (can be made in half height and full versions).

The two most common materials used for the frames are stainless steel and brass.

Using test sieve provides its user many advantages. Some of these include:

Consistent nestability- this is achievable through the use of precision frames.

Achieving common standards and specifications- aperture size must be precise, and must be constructed in accordance with IS0 3310 and ASTM E11.

Free flowing samples through sieve- test sieves are naturally filleted, which make them ideal tools.

Completely sealed frame- this ensures that materials are not lost through crevices.

Even tensions throughout diameter of sieve- test sieves are used when accurate analysis is required.

Safe and easy use- woven test sieves are built with safe edges and with big a radius, which makes handling easy.

Tractability- all test sieve, when created, are assigned a serial number.

If you demand accuracy when analyzing particles in a liquid, your best is woven test sieves