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Woven Wire Cloth Products for Different Industries

Woven wire cloth is used throughout a wide array of businesses and industries. From test sieves to filters, this cloth is versatile and practical. Different styles of cloth exist, which allows users to achieve different end goals. Below, we will be going over some of the industries that utilize wire cloth products.

Wire cloth is most commonly used in the industrial and commercial industry. It is used to make door and window screenings, but that is just the tip of the iceberg. It is used in the creation of a foundation for buildings by preventing any termite damage. It is used in attics of houses as a means to increase airflow while preventing moister. It is used to protect fireplaces, and is found inside cabinets and entertainment centers.

Architecture firm frequently use wire cloth. The use it to create models as well as using it to build portions of a building or house. It is used to make infill panels, as well as stair railings and walls.

Wire mesh is also used by the:

  • Aeronautics field
  • Automotive field
  • Science field

Even if you do not notice, you are surrounded by wire mesh in all its different forms and weaves. Woven wire cloth is used all the time.

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