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Wire Test Sieves

Test sieves measure the particle size distribution of a granular material. One of the most popular test sieves is a wire test sieve. This tool measures the size distribution in woven wire cloth.

This approach of testing the size distribution of granular material with woven wire cloth has multiple advantages. Its many benefits make it the most popular form of test sieve.

A wire test sieve provides a precision frame. It ensures consistent netability. If an industry relies on accuracy, the business should consider always using wire test sieves made from wire cloth.

Another advantage to using a wire test sieve is that it produces precise aperture. Precise aperture is needed in accordance with ISO 3310-1, ASTM E11, and other applications.

A wire test sieve provides natural fillet and is totally sealed. These two factors provide more advantages that make a wire test sieve so popular. Because the material is entirely sealed in the wire test sieve, there are no crevices to lose material.

A wire test sieve has evenly tensioned mesh and a safe edge. The evenly tensioned mesh ensures accurate analysis. The safe edge creates a big radius which makes the material more comfortable to handle.

One last advantage of a wire test sieve is the serial number that it has. A serial number ensures full traceability.