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Understanding Pre-Crimp Weaves

Choosing a particular style of wire cloth is difficult, considering the amount of options on the market. Popular types of wire cloth include Space Cloth, Micronic Filter Cloth, and Mesh Cloth. Each style comes in different wire sizes. The area of the wire is dependent upon the function of the wire cloth. Wire cloth is used for:

  • Separating
  • Sizing
  • Sifting
  • Filtering
  • Protecting

One of the most important things to consider when purchasing wire cloth is the weave type. There are many types of weaves, but the three most commonly used are the plain weave, twill weave, and pre-crimp weave. Knowing the difference between weaving styles can help ensure you get wire cloth that works perfectly for your application. This article is devoted to addressing pre-crimped weaves. For more information about other weave types, please contact a wire cloth company.

Pre-crimping is done on coarse wires. Crimping the wire before weaving allows for easy nestability that is secure. Pre-crimping also helps to lessen chatter, which creates more consistent openings.

Lock Crimping is a variant of pre-crimping. The only difference between lock and pre-crimping is that lock crimping sets wires permanently in place at the point of intersection. For rougher working environments that require heavy-duty wire cloth, please consider lock crimping.

Lastly, we have inter-crimping (also known as multiple crimps). Inter-crimping is utilized when creating wire cloth that has wide openings (large openings) As a means to ensure the weave’s structural integrity, extra crimps/corrugations are made.

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