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Types of Strainers

Industrial strainer suppliers offer a wide range of product that can be used across a variety of applications and industries.  Strainers are typically composed of stainless steel mesh, and can be used in commercial, petrochemical, power, oil, and refinery industries.  Due to the varying applications, strainers come in a number of different forms.

Conical Strainers

Cone strainers, or temporary strainers, are a cost effective mean for temporary straining for start-up applications. The strainer is designed in a conical shape, which slightly resembles the form of a witch’s hat.  It is prudent to state that cone strainers should not be used as a permanent straining solution.  When composed of stainless steel, sizes range from ¾’’-24’’, pressure class ranges from 150lb-300 lb., and the end connection is an RF Flange. There are three different variations of cone strainer screen designs; the conical, plate, and basket design.  Conical strainers allow for a 150 full line pressure differential, a 300 psi differential, can withstand collapse pressure with cone upstream, and are available in any perforation pattern.

Tee Strainers

Industrially fabricated tee strainers help to mechanically eliminate undesirable debris from gas, liquids and streamlines.  Tee strainers use a perforated, stainless steel wire mesh element to protect pumps, meters, control valves, steam tramps, and other crucial equipment in pipelines. Tee strainers of varying sizes and materials can be designed for: refineries, water, petrochemical, oil, gas, plumbing, and irrigation industries.

Flat Perforated Strainers

When a conical or truncated conical strainer cannot be installed, a flat perforated strainer is the best available option.  As a result of their simple design, flat strainers are typically inexpensive in comparison to other strainers.  Yet, they have the tendency to reduce pipeline flow up to fifty percent, which can result on pressure drops and rapid pipe clogging.

Basket strainers

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