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Temporary Strainers

When creating or revamping a piping system, temporary strainers are considered very useful tools. The purpose of the strainer is to keep costs down while protecting valves, meters, and pumps. Once design is finished, permanent strains can replace temporary devices.

A temporary strainer can be built with different materials. This includes stainless steel strainers and carbon steel strainers (there are other materials available, but the two above are the most widely used). Contacting companies directly will allow you to get a full list of available materials.

The sizing of holes varies between 1/8th of an inch and 3/16th of an inch. This is considered standard perforation sizes, but smaller and bigger hole can me made available.

For temporary strainers, the two most popular types are basket type and cone type. Cone type strainers are only built in temporary models, meaning that these should never be used for prolonged periods of time. They can handle anywhere from 150-300 pounds of pressure. The conical shape allows for a 150 full line pressure differential.

The use of temporary strainers is cost effective for companies setting up new systems. Choosing the right strainers at this time will allow for better-made systems.