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Standard Test Sieves

Test sieves are created with strict quality control regardless or material and aperture. Computer technology is used to help create sieves that meet exact specification. This allows test sieves to be rather versatile. When looking at test sieves, there are standard types that are most commonly used.

Woven wire mesh is the most commonly used sieve on the market. Wire mesh is used because it provides consistent nestability, is evenly tensioned, and it has safe edges.

Perforated plate sieves are also commonly used. These test sieves have precision frames and precise apertures. They are also totally sealed, which helps in the testing process. Like woven wire mesh, these sieves have safe edges as well.

A standard air jet sieve is designed for usage in air-jet systems. They are totally sealed and they maintain evenly tensioned mesh. Air-jet sieve come in premium types as well.

A microplate sieve is made in two diameter sizes: 100 mm and 200 mm, and each sieve is created using electro-formed nickel plate. These sieves are used with liquids to help push through fine particles. These sieve maintain a high degree of accuracy.

Different test sieves do different jobs, so make sure to purchase the appropriate sieve for your specific application.