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Stainless Steel Screen Mesh and the Paper Industry

Stainless steel screen mesh is an important tool in the making of paper. The most common practice of making paper is through something called the cylinder papermaking technique. A cylinder mold cage is made from stainless steel screen mesh, and it is one of the most important parts of the cylinder papermaking process. The mold cage can be a spiral cage or a stainless steel welded cylinder cage.
A spiral cage has more disadvantages than its counter part. These disadvantages include:

  • Poor corrosion resistance
  • Short service life
  • Low strength
  • Low rigidity

The stainless steel models have strong geometric accuracy as well as robust welding   joints. These benefits give the mold a high stretching resistance. Stainless steel screen mesh allows for paper to be made quicker, easier, and more efficiently. One reason is because the screen in the mold do not have to be changed. The stainless steel also leaves paper smoother because of the pulps ability to get through the steel screen mesh.
Stainless steel screen mesh has many advantages and is used in a wide range of industries. Find out more about how you can utilize stainless steel strainers for your business.